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In ''[[BW106|Strong Strategy Steals the Show!]]'', Riolu defeated [[Kenton]]'s {{p|Gigalith}}, which allowed Cameron to progress to the Top 8 of the Vertress Conference.
In ''[[BW107|Cameron's Secret Weapon!]]'', Riolu was used against [[Ash's Unfezant]] in the Vertress Conference. Despite being at a disadvantage, Riolu easily defeated the Proud Pokémon. Next, it faced [[Ash's Snivy]] and managed to quickly overpower her. However, Snivy made a comeback and countered all of Riolu's attacks, eventually sending it back with a powerful {{m|Leaf Storm}}. This caused Riolu to evolve into a {{p|Lucario}}, making it much stronger. [[BW108|The battle continued]], and Lucario was able to use its new strength to easily overpower Snivy before knocking her out with its newly- learned {{m|Aura Sphere}}. Lucario then battled with Ash's Pikachu. The damage Pikachu took from battling {{p|Samurott}} and {{p|Swanna}} quickly put him at a disadvantage, causing Lucario to defeat Pikachu with Aura Sphere and win the battle for Cameron.
In the semi-finals, Cameron found himself up against [[Virgil]] and his team of [[Eeveelution]]s. The final battle came down to between Lucario and Virgil's {{p|Flareon}}; however, Lucario had already been weakened by Virgil's {{p|Espeon}} and was quickly finished off by Flareon's super effective {{m|Fire Blast}}, eliminating Cameron from the competition.