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Major events
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'''A Unova League Evolution!''' (Japanese: '''決着イッシュリーグ!ピカチュウ対ルカリオ!!''' ''{{tt|Isshu|Unova}} League Conclusion! Pikachu VS Lucario!!'') is the 108th episode of the {{series|Best Wishes}}, and the 765th episode of the [[Pokémon anime]]. It first aired in Japan on January 10, 2013 and in the United States on April 13, 2013.
<!-- This is not for summarizing everything that happens in this episode. Only events pertaining to the series as a whole, such as catching and releasing Pokémon and obtaining Badge, go here. -->
[[File:Virgil Winning.png|thumb|220px|Virgil holding the championship trophy]]
* {{un|CameronAsh}} defeatsloses his [[Full Battle]] against {{Ashun|Cameron}} in the quarter-finalsquarterfinals, eliminatingplacing thehim latter fromin the tournamentTop 8.
* [[Virgil]] defeats Cameron in the semifinals, advancing to the final roundfinals.
* Cameron is revealed to own a {{p|Watchog}}.
* Virgil defeats [[Dino]] in the final roundfinals, winning the [[Vertress Conference]].
* The Vertress Conference ends.
* {{p|Axew}} ({{OP|Iris|Axew}})
* {{p|Snivy}} ({{OP|Ash|Snivy}})
* {{p|Oshawott}} ({{OP|Ash|Oshawott}}; flashback)
* {{p|Emolga}} ({{OP|Iris|Emolga}}; flashback)
* {{p|Pansage}} ({{OP|Cilan|Pansage}}; flashback)
* {{p|Snivy}} ({{OP|Trip|Snivy}}; flashback)
* {{p|Zebstrika}} ([[Stephan]]'s; flashback)
* {{p|Sawk}} ({{OP|Stephan|Sawk}}; flashback)
* {{p|Pawniard}} ([[Georgia]]'s; flashback)
* {{p|Lucario}} ({{OP|Cameron|Lucario}})
* {{p|Riolu}} ({{OP|Cameron|Riolu}}; flashback)
* {{p|Samurott}} ({{un|Cameron}}'s; flashback)
* {{p|Hydreigon}} ({{un|Cameron}}'s; scoreboard)
* {{p|Ferrothorn}} ({{un|Cameron}}'s; scoreboard)
* {{p|Swanna}} ({{un|Cameron}}'s; scoreboard)
* {{p|Watchog}} ({{un|Cameron}}'s; scoreboard)
* {{p|Eevee}} ([[Virgil]]'s)
* {{p|Flareon}} ([[Virgil]]'s)
* {{p|Espeon}} ([[Virgil]]'s)
* {{p|Zorua}} ({{OP|Luke|Zorua}}; flashback)
* {{p|Golett}} ([[Luke]]'s; flashback)
* {{p|Druddigon}} ([[Dino]]'s)
* {{p|Darmanitan}} ([[Dino]]'s; scoreboard)
* {{p|Mandibuzz}} ([[Dino]]'s; scoreboard)
* {{p|Cofagrigus}} ([[Dino]]'s; scoreboard)
* {{p|Leavanny}} ([[Dino]]'s; scoreboard)
* {{p|Galvantula}} ([[Dino]]'s; scoreboard)
* {{p|Chandelure}} ([[Dino]]'s; scoreboard)
* {{p|Gigalith}} ([[Dino]]'s; scoreboard)
* {{p|Heatmor}} ([[Dino]]'s; scoreboard)
* {{p|Chandelure}} ([[Ramone]]'s)
* {{p|Lilligant}} ([[Ramone]]'s; scoreboard)
* {{p|Beartic}} ([[Ramone]]'s; scoreboard)
* {{p|Durant}} ([[Ramone]]'s; scoreboard)
* {{p|Seismitoad}} (×2; [[Ramone]]'s and [[Dino]]'s; scoreboard)
* {{p|Klinklang}} ([[Davy]]'s)
* {{p|Tympole}}
====Pokémon seen in flashbacks====
* {{p|Oshawott}} ({{OP|Ash|Oshawott}})
* {{p|Emolga}} ({{OP|Iris|Emolga}})
* {{p|Pansage}} ({{OP|Cilan|Pansage}})
* {{p|Snivy}} ({{OP|Trip|Snivy}})
* {{p|Zebstrika}} ([[Stephan]]'s)
* {{p|Sawk}} ({{OP|Stephan|Sawk}})
* {{p|Pawniard}} ([[Georgia]]'s)
* {{p|Riolu}} ({{OP|Cameron|Riolu}})
* {{p|Samurott}} ({{un|Cameron}}'s)
* {{p|Zorua}} ({{OP|Luke|Zorua}})
* {{p|Golett}} ([[Luke]]'s)
====Pokémon seen on scoreboards====
* {{p|Hydreigon}} ({{un|Cameron}}'s)
* {{p|Ferrothorn}} ({{un|Cameron}}'s)
* {{p|Swanna}} ({{un|Cameron}}'s)
* {{p|Watchog}} ({{un|Cameron}}'s)
* {{p|Darmanitan}} ([[Dino]]'s)
* {{p|Mandibuzz}} ([[Dino]]'s)
* {{p|Cofagrigus}} ([[Dino]]'s)
* {{p|Leavanny}} ([[Dino]]'s)
* {{p|Galvantula}} ([[Dino]]'s)
* {{p|Chandelure}} ([[Dino]]'s)
* {{p|Gigalith}} ([[Dino]]'s)
* {{p|Heatmor}} ([[Dino]]'s)
* {{p|Lilligant}} ([[Ramone]]'s)
* {{p|Beartic}} ([[Ramone]]'s)
* {{p|Durant}} ([[Ramone]]'s)
* {{p|Seismitoad}} (×2; [[Ramone]]'s and [[Dino]]'s)
* [[Professor Oak's Pokémon Live Caster]]: {{p|Emboar}}
* This is the first time when {{Ash}}'s league{{pkmn|League}} placement has regressed compared to [[Lily of the Valley Conference|the previous tournament]].
* TheThis fullepisode versionconcludes ofthe six-part [[BeVertress an Arrow!Conference]] was played during the flashback scenes close to the end of the episodearc.
* The full version of [[Be an Arrow!]] is played during the flashback scenes close to the end of the episode.
* The ending of the episode is a direct callback to the ending of ''[[EP080|Friends to the End]]'', as Ash stands in the middle of the arena and has flashbacks of his journey while the sun rises over the league torch and the full [[Pokémon Theme|theme]] [[Be an Arrow!|song]] plays.
* The scene where Ash is staring at the sun rising is similar to the final scenes of [[Aim to Be a Pokémon Master]].
* Before showing Professor Oak's Pokémon Live Caster, this episode was followed by a trailer for the upcoming ''Episode {{an|N''}} saga.
* This episode is the first time where the final round battle is shown on screen.
* This is the first time a different animation for {{AP|Snivy}}'s {{m|Leaf Blade}} has been used.
* This episode begins the shortest gap between the original Japanese airing and the English dub airing, with 93 days. This beats the previous record of 99 days for ''[[DP052|Smells Like Team Spirit!]]''.
* This is the last episode in the ''[[List of Best Wishes series episodes#Best Wishes! Season 2''. The next episode starts off the ''|Best Wishes! Season 2: Episode {{an|N}}'']] arc.
* This episode marks the final appearances of {{an|Bianca}}, [[Stephan]], {{un|Cameron}}, and [[Virgil]].
[[File:BW108 error.png|thumb|200px|right|Lucario's ear error]]
* In the scene right after {{AP|Pikachu}}'s final use of {{m|Quick Attack}} on {{TP|Cameron|Lucario}}, Lucario's ear is completely black instead of blue and black.
* In the {{pmin|Brazil}}ian|Brazilian Portuguese}} dub, the [[narrator]] says that {{p|Lucario}} evolved into {{p|Riolu}}.
BW108 error.png|Lucario's ear error
===Dub edits===
* Be An Arrow! is replaced with an [[{{DL|Rival Destinies (song)#|Movie version|extended version]]}} of Rival Destinies during the flashback scenes.
==In other languages==
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