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[[File:Ash and Palpitoad.png|left|250px|thumb|Palpitoad and Ash]]
Palpitoad was first seen in ''[[BW032|Facing Fear with Eyes Wide Open!]]'', where he was the leader of a group of wild {{p|Tympole}} that lived in a lake. {{Ash}} and {{AP|Oshawott}} had unknowingly invaded his territory while looking for an [[Remeyo weed|underwater plant]] to help his, {{an|Cilan}}'s, and {{an|Iris}}'s Pokémon heal after being {{status|poisoned}} by wild {{p|Foongus}} that were disturbed by [[Ash's Scraggy]]. Palpitoad was angered by their intrusion, and ordered his Tympole cohorts to attack them. When they swam away in fear of Oshawott, he called upon his friend, {{TP|Cilan|Stunfisk}}'s, help. However, when Cilan fished Stunfisk out of the water, Palpitoad was forced to face Oshawott himself. Despite knowing some powerful moves, the Vibration Pokémon lost to Oshawott's newly- mastered {{m|Aqua Jet}}, and was captured by Ash.
In ''[[BW039|Reunion Battles In Nimbasa!]]'', he was used in the [[Club Battle]] Tournament against [[Burgundy]]'s {{p|Stoutland}}. Despite being his first battle with Ash as his Trainer, the two synchronized well, avoiding Stoutland's attacks and dealing out powerful blows. Eventually, Palpitoad was caught in Stoutland's mouth when it used {{m|Thunder Fang}}, though he avoided damage from the {{type|Electric}} move, being part {{type|Ground}}. However, Burgundy took the chance, and ordered an {{m|Ice Fang}} attack, which became a problem for Palpitoad until he used Supersonic to shatter the ice, and knock Stoutland back. After blocking Stoutland's {{m|Fire Fang}} with Mud Shot, Palpitoad won the match with a direct hit from Hydro Pump. In ''[[BW042|Club Battle Finale: A Hero's Outcome!]]'', Palpitoad battled [[Dino]]'s {{p|Darumaka}} in the semifinals, and won with a single Hydro Pump, allowing Ash to move on to the finals.