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|games=[[Pokémon: Magikarp Jump|Magikarp Jump]]
;After winning first Quick League battle
:''"Looks like you're doing a fine job raising that Magikarp of yours. I bet you're really wishing you could do even more to help it grow right about now, huh? Then, how's about this? From my own days as a top-notch Magikarp Trainer... I'll show ya what my own old pond used to look like! You can use Friendship Items to have other Pokémon lend you and your Magikarp a hand. And Decorations do a fine job sprucin' up the ol' pond! But that's not all they're for. They'll help your Magikarp grow faster, too! Here. I'll part with one of my old Decorations... Just for you, kid. You can check out other Decorations... the Diamond Shop in Town! I've got high hopes for you, my friend! Get out there and make a big splash!"''
;After winning the Quick League
:''"Well, look at that! You've already gone and beat the Quick League! I knew you'd be a natural at this! You took to it like a fish to water! And seeing you two do so well in the league seems to have helped the other Magikarp, too. You should have seen how motivated our Magikarp used to be. You'll see! get 'em fired up, and they'll jump to the moon for you! And I haven't been sitting around on my backside while you were working hard, either! I've set you up so you can now use the Mountain Stream I used when I was a Trainer! And I've been working on a new fishing rod, too. Here! A So-So Old Rod for you! It's not much to write home about, but it should let you fish up some new Magikarp patterns! Now you've got the Great League to prepare for. Show 'em what you can do! I bet I can keep myself busy with some new projects while you're competing there. So look forward to seeing what I've cooked up once you beat the Great League!"''
;After winning the Great League
:''"That's the ticket! Now you're the champion of the Great League, too! I knew I was right to pick you, kid. You've got a real knack for this! Seeing the two of you so hard at work has really fired up the other Magikarp, too! Mm-hmmm! That Magikarp of yours sure has learned to jump high. That's the spirit! But don't think I've just been sitting around doing nothing this whole time! I've set you up with another fine theme that you can use for your pond. Check out this Hot Springs! And I've been working on my own skills, too. Check out this Good Old Rod! I'm pretty sure it'll let you fish up some new patterns of Magikarp! Next up is the Luxury League, and you can't afford the luxury of slacking off now! You work hard, and I promise I will, too. Let's meet back here when you're champ! Go beat that Luxury League!"''
;First time Magikarp reaches its maximum level
;Idol Riches encounter event
:''"You've been working real hard, youngster. Take this from all of us in the town!"''
;Many Wise Words encounter event"
:''"Oh! Boy, am I glad to see you, kid. I’ve got a couple of expert pointers for you. See, male Magikarp and female Magikarp have different colored whiskers. Did you know? And the males… …and that’s not all! A truly venerable Magikarp that lives long enough can jump right over mountains and…"''