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* This is the last episode in which [[Mike Pollock]] provides the voice of the [[narrator]], [[Veronica Taylor]] voices {{Ash}} and {{an|May}}, [[Amy Birnbaum]] voices [[Max]], [[Eric Stuart]] voices {{an|Brock}}, [[James]] and [[Pokédex]], [[Rachael Lillis]] voices [[Jessie]], Maddie Blaustein voices Meowth, and [[Erica Schroeder|Bella Hudson]] voices [[James's Chimecho]].
* This episode is also the last to feature the [[Pokémon Trainer's Choice]] segment.
* In the Nordic dubs (Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish), this is the last episode to have the moves translated in their own languages.
* In Spain, this episode premiered on June 25, 2006, almost two weeks before it aired in the U.S.