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==Available Pokémon==
This is a list of all the Pokémon that can be befriended in the Cove Area. The locations listed areis where the respective Pokémon is commonly found whenbefore firstyou enteringbefriend the zoneit, however the Pokémon have free range and may run off when interacting with other Pokémon once the player has befriended it.
{| class="roundy" style="background: #fff; border: 5px solid #{{Water color}}"
| {{ms|393|Piplup (Pokémon)}}
| {{pcolor|Piplup|000}}
| At the startbeginning of game
| Chase
| {{ms|532|Timburr (Pokémon)}}
| {{pcolor|Timburr|000}}
| At the entrancebeginning toof Seasongthe beachgame
| Battle
| {{ms|505|Watchog (Pokémon)}}
| {{pcolor|Watchog|000}}
| In a hidden cavern{{tt|*|Rescue it from wish park|}}
| None
| Avoid his attacks and reach the treasure chest