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==In the games==
Argenta is the [[Frontier Brain]] of the Battle Hall in the [[Sinnoh]] and [[Johto]] regions. She can be challenged after 50 consecutive battles, which is unique as all other Frontier Brains can be challenged after 21 consecutive battles. Once defeated, she will give away the silver commemorative print. Argenta can be challenged again after 170 consecutive battles, and will give away the gold commemorative print when defeated. The player must defeat all types at least 10 times before challenging her again and again.
Argenta has these Pokémon when she is challenged for the Silver and Gold print:
* '''Random each time''': ''[[Battle Hall/Pokémon (Group 2)|List of Argenta's Pokémon]]''
* '''Random each time'''. She could have anything '''except''' for the Pokémon that are not admissible in the Battle Frontier. These include {{p|Mewtwo}}, {{p|Mew}}, {{p|Lugia}}, {{p|Ho-Oh}}, {{p|Celebi}}, {{p|Kyogre}}, {{p|Groudon}}, {{p|Rayquaza}}, {{p|Jirachi}}, {{p|Deoxys}}, {{p|Dialga}}, {{p|Palkia}}, {{p|Giratina}}, {{p|Phione}}, {{p|Manaphy}}, {{p|Darkrai}}, {{p|Shaymin}}, and {{p|Arceus}}. Additionally, the Trainer cannot choose the Pokémon type.