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Freeze (status condition)

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Prevention: The first time I read the first sentence, I parsed it as "Cannot be frozen in Gen II except by Tri Attack"
{{type|Ice}} Pokémon cannot be frozen, except in [[Generation II]] by {{m|Tri Attack}} in Generation II. However, if a Pokémon's Iceis frozen while not Ice-type is(e.g. changeddue throughto a {{cat|Moves that change a Pokémon's type|type-changing move}} like {{m|Soak}}), it is thenremains frozen andeven switchedif outit becomes Ice-type later (resettinge.g. due to theswitching Iceout type),and thein freezeagain statusafter willits remaintype is changed).
Pokémon with the {{a|Magma Armor}} or {{a|Comatose}} Abilities cannot be frozen. Pokémon with the Ability {{a|Leaf Guard}} will be protected from status conditions in {{weather|harsh sunlight}}.