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In the anime
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gender=Female<ref>First confirmed in ''[[BW007|Snivy Plays Hard to Catch!]]''. It becomes more apparent when she is fully evolved, through a [[List of Pokémon with gender differences|gender difference]].</ref>|
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epname=Enter Iris and Axew! |
java3=[[Chinami Nishimura]]
'''Ash's Unfezant''' (Japanese: '''サトシのケンホロウ''' ''Satoshi's Kenhallow'') iswas the first {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} that [[{{Ash Ketchum]]}} {{pkmn2|caught}} in the [[Unova]] [[region]], and his thirty-third overall.
==HistoryIn the anime==
[[File:Ash Pidove.png|thumb|left|250px|As a Pidove]]
As he has done in every other [[region]] he has traveled in before, Ash usuallyoften catches a {{type|Flying}} Pokémon early in his {{pkmn|journey}}. Indeed, Pidove was caught soon after Ash's arrival in Unova. In ''[[BW002|Enter Iris and Axew!]]'', shortly after a flock of Pidove had escaped when Ash had failed to capture one of them, he noticed her pecking at the ground, and engaged her in a battle. She managed to put up a good fight against [[Ash's Pikachu]], until the {{t|Electric}} Mouse Pokémon used his powerful {{m|Iron Tail}} and {{m|Thunderbolt}} attacks, which caused her to faint. Ash threw a [[{{i|Poké Ball]]}} and successfully caught her. Later on, for the first time, Pidove was sent out in an effort to save Pikachu and [[Iris's Axew]] from {{TRT}}'s capture. However, as she was still weak from her battle with Pikachu, she was quickly defeated by [[Jessie's Woobat]]'s powerful Gust attack. She was later healed at the [[Pokémon Center]], along with Pikachu and Axew.
Pidove was occasionally used by Ash to find and track certain Pokémon. She helped Ash find two {{p|Darumaka}} in ''[[BW008|Saving Darmanitan From the Bell!]]'' and a wild {{AP|Snivy}} in ''[[BW007|Snivy Plays Hard to Catch!]]'', playing a dominant role in the {{t|Grass}} Pokémon's capture. At the time, Pidove had followed Snivy throughout from the time she escaped using {{m|Leaf Storm}}. As she witnessed all of Ash's other Pokémon (Pikachu, {{AP|Oshawott}} and {{AP|Tepig}}) fall to the Grass Snake Pokémon's {{m|Attract}}, she volunteered to battle Snivy. When Snivy attempted to use Attract on Pidove, Pidove was unaffected as she was female (a fact of which Ash had been completely unaware of, despite Iris and Cilan's assumptions that it was his strategy). After a hard-fought battle, Pidove weakened Snivy enough for her to be captured by Ash.
In ''[[BW116|The Fires of a Red-Hot Reunion!]]'', Ash sent Unfezant to [[Professor Oak's Laboratory]] in order to make room in his team for his returning {{AP|Charizard}}, rotating her out of the team for the rest of the series.
She later reunited with Ash and the entire Unova team at Oak's lab in ''[[BW142|The Dream Continues!]]''. Unfezant joined in with them to launch a group attack on Team Rocket, using Air Cutter to send them blasting off for the final time in the {{series|Best Wishes series}}. Unfezant later posed in a group photo with the rest of Ash's Pokémon. Then, she was left at the lab beforewhen Ash set off for the [[Kalos]] region.
===Personality and characteristics===
Unfezant has been shown to be a helpful Pokémon such as when Ash needs help dealing with Team Rocket or when he needs her to search for a Pokémon. She also has been shown to go the extra mile when helping with training, such as when {{p|Archen}} needed help with her flying skills. Unfezant isn't a confrontational Pokémon, not even fighting back when attacked by [[Ash's Scraggy]] instead choosing to freak out and run away from him and, in the same instance, is shown to be rather sensitive. Unfezant is also shown to be quite confident, as shown in ''[[BW022|A Venipede Stampede!]]'', where she took no hesitation in trying to clear [[Castelia City]] from the group of {{p|Venipede}}. After evolving into Unfezant and beating [[Skyla]]'s {{p|Swanna}} in ''[[BW068|An Amazing Aerial Battle!]]'', she excitedly celebrated by doing a couple of victory laps above the Gym.
===Moves used===
{{anmov/h|normal|flying|Ash {{#switch: {{#expr: {{#time: U}} mod 6}}|0=Unfezant Aerial Ace|1=Unfezant Quick Attack|2=Tranquill Wing Attack|3=Unfezant Air Cutter|4=Unfezant Gust|5=Pidove Air Cutter}}.png|Using {{#switch: {{#expr: {{#time: U}} mod 6}}|0=Aerial Ace|1=Quick Attack|2=Wing Attack as <br/>a Tranquill|3=Air Cutter|4=Gust|Air Cutter<br/>as a Pidove}}}}
{{anmov|Flying|Gust|BW002|Enter Iris and Axew!|rec=yes}}
{{main|List of local English event Pokémon distributions in Generation V#Secret Eggs|Secret Eggs}}
A Japanese event randomly distributed an Egg that contained an in-game representation of Ash's Pidove, [[Iris's Axew]], or [[Cilan's Pansage]] via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Like the anime counterpart, the Pidove is always female, and knows {{m|Gust}}, {{m|Quick Attack}}, and {{m|Air Cutter}}. This event started on December 17, 2010, and ended on January 11, 2011. This Egg was also distributed at participating American {{wp|Toys 'R' Us}} locations from April 27 to May 31, 2011.
balllink=Poké Ball (item)|
* Unfezant's capture as a Pidove was first revealed in a preview for the {{series|Best Wishes}}.
* ThisShe is Ash's first Pokémon to be sent to a Pokémon laboratory other than Professor Oak's, in this case, Professor Juniper's lab.
** She is also Ash's first Unova Pokémon to be sent to Professor Oak's Lab.
* Tranquill's evolution into Unfezant was first revealed in the Japanese ending ''[[Seven-colored Arch]]''.
* Unfezant was Ash's first Unova Pokémon to fully evolve.
* Out of all of Ash's bird Pokémon, Unfezant took the shortest time to reach its final evolutionary stage (except for {{AP|Noctowl}}, which was already fully evolved when caught), the time being 66 episodes. His {{AP|Staraptor}} took 116, {{AP|Talonflame}} 83, {{AP|Pidgeot}} 78, and {{AP|Swellow}} 76 episodes to fully evolve.
* She is the only one of Ash's Unova Pokémon that has only used moves of her {{t|Normal|own}} {{t|Flying|types}}.
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