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Ash's Oshawott

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Oshawott was revealed to be male when he battled a wild female {{AP|Snivy}} that would be caught by Ash in ''[[BW007|Snivy Plays Hard to Catch!]]''. He became infatuated when hit by Snivy's {{m|Attract}}, and was eventually recalled.
[[File:Ash and Oshawott.png|250px|thumb|AshOshawott and OshawottAsh]]
In ''[[BW010|A Rival Battle for Club Champ!]]'', he was used to fight against [[Trip]]'s {{p|Tranquill}}. He was defeated by two quick and consecutive hits of {{m|Aerial Ace}}, due to Tranquill's {{a|Super Luck}} Ability, which increased Tranquill's chance of inflicting critical hits.