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Ash's Palpitoad

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[[File:Ash and Palpitoad.png|left|250px|thumb|Palpitoad withand Ash]]
Palpitoad was first seen in ''[[BW032|Facing Fear with Eyes Wide Open!]]'', where he was the leader of a group of wild {{p|Tympole}} that lived in a lake. {{Ash}} and {{AP|Oshawott}} had unknowingly invaded his territory while looking for an [[Remeyo weed|underwater plant]] to help his, {{an|Cilan}}'s, and {{an|Iris}}'s Pokémon heal after being {{status|poisoned}} by wild {{p|Foongus}} that were disturbed by [[Ash's Scraggy]]. Palpitoad was angered by their intrusion, and ordered his Tympole cohorts to attack them. When they swam away in fear of Oshawott, he called upon his friend, {{TP|Cilan|Stunfisk}}'s, help. However, when Cilan fished Stunfisk out of the water, Palpitoad was forced to face Oshawott himself. Despite knowing some powerful moves, the Vibration Pokémon lost to Oshawott's newly-mastered {{m|Aqua Jet}}, and was captured by Ash.