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Ash's Torkoal

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In ''[[AG128|Shocks and Bonds]]'', Ash uses Torkoal as his first Pokémon in his [[Full Battle]] against {{ho|Katie}} in the Victory Tournament. It went up against her {{p|Venomoth}}. Venomoth used {{m|Stun Spore}} and Torkoal blocked it with Iron Defense, Venomoth then used {{m|Disable}}, preventing Torkoal from using Iron Defense for a while, Torkoal then used Flamethrower which Venomoth dodged. Katie then recalled Venomoth and sent out her {{p|Golduck}}, who had a [[Type#Type effectiveness|type-advantage]]. Torkoal used Body Slam which was successfully countered by {{m|Hydro Pump}}, Golduck then used {{m|Fury Swipes}}, defeating Torkoal.
[[File:Ash and Torkoal.png|thumb|left|220px|AshTorkoal and TorkoalAsh]]
In ''[[AG130|Choose It or Lose It!]]'', Ash used Torkoal as his third Pokémon in his Full Battle against [[Morrison]] in the Victory Tournament, it went up against his {{p|Steelix}} and Torkoal had a [[Type#Type advantage|type-advantage]]. Steelix used {{m|Dragon Breath}}, which Torkoal blocked with {{m|Iron Defense}}. Torkoal used Overheat and Steelix countered with Dragon Breath, with Overheat overpowering Steelix's Dragon Breath, dealing major damage. Torkoal used Flamethrower and Steelix used Dragon Breath, which were evenly matched and created smoke. Taking advantage of the smoke, Steelix used Dig. Torkoal used Iron Defense, but it didn't help as the attack came from below, Steelix used Dragon Breath again, hitting Torkoal knocking it out.