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On the way to [[Goldenrod City]], {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} stop in a [[Pokémon Center]] to send his {{AP|Tauros}} back to {{an|Professor Oak}} after using it in [[EP146|the Tauros competition]]. Oak tells him that {{AP|Heracross}} is proving to be a very interesting research subject., Afterthus talkingAsh withalso Oak,leaves {{an|Misty}}Heracross andwith {{an|Brock}}him. comeSoon up withafter, [[Nurse Joy]], whoreports has finished inspectingthat Ash's Pokémon. Joy reports that they are all in excellent condition. {{an|Brock}} asks Joy to inspectexamine him, but a nervous Joy conveniently remembers her duty to examine the Pokémon for something called the [[Fire and Rescue Grand Prix]].
Curious, the ganggroup decides to check things out at the nearby stadium. Apparently the Grand Prix is a {{wp|Firefighting|firefighting}} contest for Pokémon and their {{pkmn|Trainer|Trainers}}s. Always eager to show off his skills, Ash decides promptly to enter the contest with his own team. {{an|Misty}} reminds him that the only {{type|Water}} he has is {{AP|Squirtle}}, but Ash is way ahead of her:says he'll just use her {{TP|Misty|Psyduck}} and {{TP|Misty|Staryu}}. After an irate Misty complains that he should ask her first, Psyduck pops out. Ash interprets this as an expression of excitement.
Suddenly, a familiar voice calls to Ash and Misty. [[Captain Aidan]] and his [[Team Wartortle|Team of Wartortle]] greet them. Brock, who has never met Aidan or Team Wartortle, observes how well the {{p|Wartortle}} have been trained. Misty [[EP106|fills him in]]; while traveling in the [[Orange Archipelago]], she, Ash, and [[Tracey Sketchit|Tracey]] met Aidan and Team Wartortle, the best firefighting force in the region. [[Ash's Squirtle]] had worked out with the team and even helped to put out a major fire. Aidan reveals that he and his team are the returning champions in the Fire and Rescue Grand Prix. The lead Wartortle shakes claws with Ash's Squirtle, its friend and rival.
The group goes to the work-outworkout center, where Trainers and their teams exerciseare andbusy practicepracticing before competingthe competition. Aidan haslater madecontacts itthe possibleevent formanagement Ashteam toand enterconfirms thethat contestAsh socan late by tellingenter the officials how good he wascontest. Brock looks around at the other teams, noting that competition will be stiff. Ash, of course, isn't worried. Then, Squirtle notices [[Officer Jenny]] and its old [[Squirtle Squad]]. Jenny notices that the Squirtle all look nervous. She assures them that they will do fine if they work as a team. Suddenly the Squirtle notice their former leader. While the reunited Squirtle Squad exchange happy greetings, Ash and {{ashfr}} greet Jenny. She [[EP012|recounts]] how Ash and his friends converted the Squirtle Squad from ragtag delinquents to responsible and talented firefighters. At the mention that Team Wartortle are the returning champions, the Squirtle Squad expresses fear, at which Ash's Squirtle scratches its chin in an unimpressed manner. Meanwhile, {{TRT}} watches from a nearby window and soon set their sights on stealing all the Pokémon in the competition, including Ash's Pokémon.
Then,While Ash's Squirtle noticescontinues [[Officerto Jenny]]catch andup with its old [[friends, Jenny asks if the Squirtle Squad]] can have a joint practice session with Team Wartortle. JennyAidan noticesagrees, thatand both teams prepare for the target range, where Pokémon use their attacks to bring down targets. The Squirtle allSquad looklooks very nervous as the practice begins. SheAidan assurestells themhis thatWartortle theyto willfocus doon fineeach iftarget, theylisten to the lead Wartortle, and work as a team. SuddenlyThe thestrategy Squirtleworks; noticeeach theirWartortle formeraims leader.with Whileprecision, taking down one target at a time with the reunitedconcentrated Squirtle{{m|Water SquadGun}} exchangeattacks. happyIn greetingscontrast, Ash,the Misty,Squirtle andSquad Brockseem greetout Jennyof focus. JennyTheir [[EP012|recounts]]aim howis Ashoff and histhey're friendsnot convertedworking with each other. While Jenny and Ash urge the Squirtle Squadon, fromBrock ragtagobserves delinquentsthat tothey're responsibleprobably andnervous talentedbeing Atto thesuch mentiona thathigh-rated team as Team Wartortle. areAsh's Squirtle decides to take action: it steps on each of the returningSquirtle's championstails. Jumping up together in pain, the Squirtle Squadfinally expressesaim fear,as atone whichlike the Wartortle. Ash's Squirtle scratchesorders itsthem chinto intake andown unimpressedeach mannertarget. When the practice ends, both teams have hit all the targets. The Squirtle Squad seem much more confident with their leader back. Ash notes that the Squad does not function without his Squirtle.
MeanwhileThe Grand Prix finally starts, with Ash and his team - {{TRTAP|Pikachu}}, watchesSquirtle, fromand Misty's Staryu and Psyduck - facing off against a nearbyteam windowof {{p|Muk}}. TheyThe plantwo teams will be competing to stealsee allwho can put out a burning house faster. Misty encourages the team to show the Muk how awesome Water Pokémon inare. Squirtle and Staryu aim Water Gun at the competitionburning house, includingwhile Pikachu uses its back feet to fling dirt at the fire. Ash's team is working well, until Psyduck gets in the way of Staryu's Water Gun. The Pokémon is sent flying into the fire. Luckily, Squirtle rescues Psyduck before it becomes roasted. To apologize for its mistake, Staryu washes the smoke stains off Psyduck, who appears to have been unaware of its near-death experience. But the lost time proves to be fatal; the Muk team has extinguished the fire by covering it with their massive bodies.
WhileAfter Ash's Squirtledisappointing continuesfailure, tothe catchSquirtle upSquad withfaces itsoff oldagainst friends,a Jennyteam asksof ifGolduck, thewho Squirtleapparently Squadcame canin havesecond aplace jointin practicethe session withprevious TeamGrand WartortlePrix. Aidan agrees,worries andthat boththe teamspressure prepare forof the targetcompetition range,may wherebe Pokémonbraking usethe theirSquirtle's attacksconcentration. toHis bringdiagnosis downproves targets.correct; The Squirtlethe Squad looks veryeven more nervous asthan it did during the practice beginssession. AidanAs tellsthe hisround Wartortlestarts, tothe focusGolduck onteam eachspring targetquickly and efficiently into action, listenwith toeach theGolduck leadtaking Wartortle,one andside workof asthe aburning teamhouse. The strategySquirtle works;Squad, eachon Wartortlethe aims withother precisionhand, takingappears downtoo onenervous targetto atmove. aWhen timethey withfinally get going, one of the concentratedSquirtle {{m|Watertrips Gun|Waterand Guns}}.bowls Inover contrastthe others, thebringing Squirtlethem Squadall seemdown outin ofa focusstruggling heap. TheirAfter managing to get to their feet, the Squad aim istheir offWater andGuns they'reat nottheir workingburning withhouse, eachbut other.their Whileefforts Jennyare weak and Ashuncoordinated. urgeAt this rate, the Golduck will win easily. Concerned, Ash's Squirtle onhurries up to Jenny, Brockfollowed observesby thatAsh theyand Pikachu. Jenny'res probablyattempts nervousto beingget nextthe Squad to suchlisten ato high-ratedher teamare asfutile, Teambut Wartortle.then Ash's Squirtlecomes decidesup towith takea actionbright idea: itPikachu stepsuses on{{m|Thunder eachShock}} ofon the Squirtle's Jumpingget uptheir togetherattention. inAsh pain,tells thethem Squirtlethat finallythey aimneed asto onelisten liketo thetheir Wartortleleader. At this, Ash's Squirtle orderslooks themsurprised, tobut takeAsh downreassures eachit Whensaying that the practiceSquad ends,needs bothit. teamsSquirtle havetakes hitcontrol allonce theagain, targets.and Theunder Squirtleits leadership, the Squad seemgets muchback moreinto confidentthe withfight. theirIn leaderthe back.end, Ashit's notesa thatclose thematch, Squadbut doesthe notSquirtle functionSquad withoutcome hisout Squirtleon top.
TheSuddenly, Grandthe Prixextinguished finallyfire startsreignites, withand Ashthe andhouse hissoon teamexplodes. -From {{AP|Pikachu}},the Squirtle,ground andbeneath Misty'swhere Staryuthe andhouse Psyduckstood -emerges facingTeam offRocket againstin a teamone of {{p|Muk}}.its Thegiant two[[Team teamsRocket's willmechas|contraptions]]. beAfter competingreciting totheir see{{motto}}, whoTeam canRocket putproceeds outwith atheir burning housenefarious fasterplan. MistyTheir encouragesmachine, the team to showcalled the MukTorcher howScorcher, awesomeshoots Waterflames Pokémonout are.of Squirtleits and Staryu aim Waterarms Gunstraight at the burningSquirtle, houseJenny, whileAsh, and Pikachu. usesAidan itsand backTeam feetWartortle come to flingthe dirtrescue atwith the fire. Ashteam's teamWater isGuns, workingbut well,[[James]] untilsimply Psyduckturns gets inup the wayheat. ofOther Staryu'sTrainers Waterstart Gun.running Thetowards Pokémonthe isTorcher sentScorcher flyingwith intotheir thePokémon Luckily,try Squirtleto rescueshelp, Psyduckbut beforethat itwas becomeswhat roasted.Team ToRocket apologizewas waiting for. its{{MTR}} mistake,presses Staryua washesbutton theand smokesends stainsnets offflying Psyduck,out whofrom appearsthe toTorcher haveScorcher's beenbody, unawareensnaring ofall itsthe near-deathPokémon experience. Butexcept the lostSquirtle timeSquad. Ash provestries to berun fatal;at the Mukgiant teammecha, hasbut extinguishedJenny thepulls firehim byaway coveringjust itin withtime theirto massiveavoid the bodiesflames.
AfterAs Ash'sTeam disappointingRocket failure,sets the Squirtlestadium Squadon faces off against a team of Golduckfire, whoAsh apparentlytells camehis in second place in the previous Grand Prix. Aidan worriesSquirtle that theit pressuremust of the competition may be brakinglead the Squirtle's concentration. His diagnosis proves correct; the Squad looksto evendefeat moreTeam nervousRocket than it didand duringrescue the practice sessionPokémon. AsAfter thea roundshort startshuddle, the GolduckSquirtle teamSquad springdon quicklythe andinfamous efficientlyglasses intoof action,its withdelinquent eachdays Golduckand takingaim onetheir sideWater ofGuns at the burningTorcher houseScorcher. TheTeam SquirtleRocket Squad,tries to step on the other handSquirtle, appearsbut tooAsh's nervousSquirtle's toorders move.keep Whenits theyteam finallymembers getfrom going,getting onecrushed. ofBrock theand SquirtleMisty tripshappily and bowls overnote the others,teamwork bringand themsuperb alltiming downof inthe aSquad. strugglingFinally, heap.Team AfterRocket managinggets todizzy get tofrom their feetefforts, and the Squadmecha aimloses theirits Waterbalance Gunsand atfalls theirover. burningSquirtle house,crashes butinto theTeam [[Move|attack]]Rocket's iscommand weakstation and uncoordinated.blasts Atthem this rate,against the Golduckwall willwith winWater easilyGun. Concerned,Then Ash'sit Squirtlestomps hurrieson upall tothe Jennycontrols, followedsending bysparks Ash and Pikachuflying. Jenny'sThe attemptsdoor to get the Squadmecha's toholding listenarea to her are futileopens, butfreeing thenthe AshPokémon. comesSquirtle upjumps without aof brightthe idea:Torcher PikachuScorcher, usesbut {{m|ThunderShock}}Team onRocket theisn't Squirtlethrough to get their attentionyet. AshThe tellsmecha themgets thatup theyand needprepares to listenblast toAsh, theirJenny, leader.and Atthe this,Pokémon Ash'swith Squirtle looks surprisedfire, but Ashbefore reassuresTeam itRocket bycan sayingact, thatPikachu the Squad needs it.and Squirtle takescombine controltheir once again,{{m|Thunderbolt}} and underWater itsGun leadership,attacks theto Squad gets back intoblast the fightmecha. InTeam theRocket end, it'sbids a closebitterly match, but the Squirtle Squad come out onpainful topfarewell.
Suddenly, the extinguished fire reignites, and the house soon explodes. From the ground beneath where the house stood emerges Team Rocket in one of its giant [[Team Rocket's mechas|contraptions]]. After reciting the {{motto}}, Team Rocket proceeds with their nefarious plan. Their machine, called the Torcher Scorcher, shoots flames out of its arms straight at the Squirtle, Jenny, Ash, and Pikachu. Aidan and Team Wartortle come to the rescue with the team's Water Guns, but [[James]] simply turns up the heat. Other Trainers start running towards the Torcher Scorcher with their Pokémon to try to help, but that was what Team Rocket was waiting for. {{MTR}} presses a button and sends nets flying out from the Torcher Scorcher's body, ensnaring all the Pokémon - except the Squirtle Squad. Ash tries to run at the giant mecha, but Jenny pulls him away just in time to avoid the flames. As Team Rocket douses the stadium in fire, Ash tells his Squirtle that it must lead the Squirtle Squad to defeat Team Rocket and rescue the Pokémon. After a short huddle, the Squirtle Squad don the infamous glasses of its delinquent days and aim their Water Guns at the Torcher Scorcher. Team Rocket tries to step on the Squirtle, but Ash's Squirtle's orders keep its team members from getting crushed. Brock and Misty happily note the teamwork and superb timing of the Squad. Finally, Team Rocket gets dizzy from their efforts, and the mecha loses its balance and falls over. Squirtle crashes into Team Rocket's command station and blasts them against the wall with Water Gun. Then it stomps on all the controls, sending sparks flying. The door to the mecha's holding area opens, freeing the Pokémon. Squirtle jumps out of the Torcher Scorcher, but Team Rocket isn't through yet. The mecha gets up and prepares to blast Ash, Jenny, and the Pokémon with fire, but before Team Rocket can act, Pikachu and Squirtle combine their {{m|Thunderbolt}} and Water Gun attacks to blast the mecha. Team Rocket bids a bitterly painful farewell.
While construction trucks are busy repairing the stadium, Ash has a talk with his Squirtle. He says that the Squirtle Squad is very strong, but they need their leader. Ash's Squirtle looks sadly between its Trainer and its friends; Ash smiles encouragingly, and the Squad looks hopeful. Squirtle makes its decision: it will lead the Squirtle Squad like it did in the old days.
TheWith Ash's Squirtle at the helm, the Squad moves through the competition smoothly with newfound confidence. Team Wartortle also do very well. Finally, the final face-offround begins, with the Squirtle Squad facing off against Team Wartortle. The challenge is to retrieve a dummy from a burning building and extinguish the fire in the least amount of time. Ash shouts encouragement to the Squad; Misty shouts good luck to the Wartortle; while Brock has his priorities and shouts his support for... Officer Jenny. While Ash's Squirtle and the leader of Team Wartortle head into their separate buildings, their team members do their best to put out the fires. Then the leaders of both teams emerge with their dummies and direct their teams to put out the fire. The air is thick with tension as both teams race neck-and-neck. At last, the final Water Gun barrage extinguishes the fire in both houses,. butAnticipation whorises came first?as Team Wartortle's total time is recorded to be 3:54:02, andbut the Squirtle Squad's narrowly claim the victory with a time... isof 3:53:00. As the stadium erupts with cheers, Officer Jenny and the Squirtle Squad celebrate their unexpected victory. Aidan and Team Wartortle congratulate the Squad with a salute, which they return happily.
At the end of the day, Ash congratulates his Squirtle. Jenny thanks Ash for letting his Squirtle leave his [[Party|party]] and continue leading the Squirtle Squad. Squirtle says goodbye to Pikachu, Misty, and Brock, and then looks at Ash's other Pokémon. {{AP|Chikorita}} and {{AP|Cyndaquil}} both nod farewell, but as Squirtle holds out its claws to {{AP|Bulbasaur}} to shake, Bulbasaur turns away. But then it extends a {{m|Vine Whip|vine}} to its long-time friend, shaking solemnly. Jenny heads away on her {{wp|Motorcycle|motorcycle}}, with the Squirtle Squad riding in the back. As his Squirtle recedes into the distance, an emotional Ash yells that they will always be friends, no matter what. He remembers all the good times they had, from the moment Squirtle expressed its wish to join Ash's team to the present.
AsAt the end of the day, Ash andcongratulates his friendsSquirtle. lookJenny onthanks Ash for letting his Squirtle leave his [[Party|party]] and continue leading the Squirtle Squad. Squirtle says goodbye to Pikachu, theyMisty, knowand thatBrock, newand friendsthen looks at Ash's other Pokémon. {{AP|Chikorita}} and new{{AP|Cyndaquil}} memoriesboth awaitnod themfarewell, but as Squirtle holds out its claws to {{AP|Bulbasaur}} to shake, Bulbasaur turns away. But then it extends a {{m|Vine Whip|vine}} to its long-time friend, shaking solemnly. Jenny heads away on her {{wp|motorcycle }}, with the Squirtle Squad riding in the sidecar. As his Squirtle recedes into the distance, an emotional Ash yells that they will always be friends, no matter what. He remembers all the good times they had, from the moment Squirtle expressed its wish to join Ash's team to the present.
==Major events==
* {{[[File:Ash}} sendsSquirtle {{APBulbasaur.png|Tauros}} back to {{anthumb|Professor220px|Bulbasaur Oak}}saying and agreesgoodbye to let {{AP|Heracross}} stay there as well.Squirtle]]
<!-- This is not for summarizing everything that happens in this episode. Only events pertaining to the series as a whole, such as catching and releasing Pokémon and obtaining Badges, go here. -->
* {{Ash}} sends {{AP|Tauros}} back to [[Professor Oak's Laboratory]] and agrees to let {{AP|Heracross}} stay there as well.
* [[Team Wartortle]] and the [[Squirtle Squad]] make a reappearance.
* {{an|Brock}} meets [[Captain Aidan]] for the first time.
* [[Ash's Squirtle]] rejoins the Squirtle Squad.
* [[Brock (anime)|Brock]] meets [[Captain Aidan]].
====Pokémon debuts====
[[File:WTP EP147.png|thumb|200px|right|Who's That Pokémon?]]
[[Who's That Pokémon?]]: {{p|Houndour}} ''(U.S.US and international)'', {{p|Squirtle}} ({{OP|Ash|Squirtle}}) ''(Japan)''
* {{p|Pikachu}} ({{OP|Ash|Pikachu}})
* {{p|Meowth}} ({{TRM}})
* {{p|Togepi}} ({{OP|Misty|Togepi}})
* {{p|Pidgeotto}} ({{OP|Ash|Pidgeotto}},; flashback)
* {{p|Bulbasaur}} ({{OP|Ash|Bulbasaur}})
* {{p|Squirtle}} ({{OP|Ash|Squirtle}},; leaves)
* {{p|Heracross}} ({{OP|Ash|Heracross}},; at {{an|Professor Oak|Oak}}'s {{TP|Professor Oak|Laboratory}})
* {{p|Chikorita}} ({{OP|Ash|Chikorita}})
* {{p|Cyndaquil}} ({{OP|Ash|Cyndaquil}})
* {{p|Staryu}} ({{OP|Misty|Staryu}})
* {{p|Psyduck}} ({{OP|Misty|Psyduck}})
* {{p|Onix}} ({{OP|Brock|Onix}},; flashback)
* {{p|Zubat}} ({{OP|Brock|Zubat}},; flashback)
* {{p|Squirtle}} ([[Squirtle Squad]])
* {{p|Wartortle}} ([[Team Wartortle]])
* {{p|Blastoise}} (Team Blastoise; flashback)
* {{p|Onix}} ({{OBP|Drake|Orange League}}'s; flashback)
====Pokémon seen at the [[Fire and Rescue Grand Prix]]====
* {{p|Blastoise}}
* {{p|Golduck}} (×4×10)
* {{p|Poliwag}} (×4×7)
* {{p|Poliwhirl}} (×4×5)
* {{p|Poliwrath}} (×2)
* {{p|Muk}} (×4)
* {{p|Vaporeon}} (×4)
* {{p|Marill}} (×5)
* {{p|Quagsire}} (×5×9)
[[File:EP147* Error.png|thumb|200px|right|PoliwagThis episode's tails]]English title is a reference to a {{wp|Execution by firing squad|firing squad}}.
* ThisThe scene where {{an|Brock}} asks what {{AP|Squirtle}} had to do with [[Team Wartortle]] mirrors the time when {{Tracey}} asked what episodeSquirtle's Englishsunglasses titlewere isfor ain reference''[[EP106|The toPokémon aWater War]]''. This time, however, {{wpan|FiringMisty}} Squadfills Brock in on what he had missed as {{Ash}} had filled Tracey in.
* The scene where Brock asked what Squirtle had to do withbook [[TeamTeaming Wartortle]]Up mirrorsWith when {{Tracey}} asked what Squirtle's sunglasses were for in ''[[EP106|The Pokémon Water WarTotodile]]''. Thisis time Misty filled Brock inbased on what he had missed as Ash had filled Traceythis inepisode.
* The book ''[[Teaming Up With Totodile]]'' is based on this episode.
* [[Jessie's Wobbuffet]] does not appear in this episode.
[[File:EP147 Error 2.png|thumb|200px|right|Togepi's miscoloration]]
* The [ corresponding page] on [[Poké]] lists the Synopsis for the following episode instead of this episode.
* Brock says [[Captain Aidan|Aidan]]'s name along with Ash and Misty when they first see him, however, the two had never met before.
* In one scene, some {{p|Poliwag}}'s tails are colored dark blue instead of white.
* As the [[Squirtle Squad]] and Team Wartortle line up for their first face-off, the {{p|Squirtle}} are shown with their backs facing the camera, their shells bare. However, in the next shot, they are shown wearing their jackets.
* AtWhen the{{TP|Misty|Staryu}} endaccidentally ofshoots the{{TP|Misty|Psyduck}} episodeinto the Narratorburning sayshouse, abouta Ashsplit-screen andshowing hiseveryone friendsshocked appears, "Asbut theywhen continueStaryu theirappears, journey{{AP|Heracross}}'s tocry Johto,is theyplayed lookinstead forwardof toStaryu's. theThis newis friendsparticularly andstrange newas memoriesHeracross thatwas lienot ahead".even Thisthere doesn'tat makethe anytime, sensebeing asback theyat are[[Professor already inOak's JohtoLaboratory]].
* NearAt the end, asof the gangepisode, bidsthe farewell[[narrator]] tosays Aidanabout {{Ash}} and his{{ashfr}}, Wartortle"As they continue their {{pkmn|journey}} '''to''' [[Johto]], they look forward to the leadnew Wartortle'sfriends scarfand isnew amemories burntthat orangelie colorahead." insteadThe ofgrammar doesn't make sense as they are already in yellowJohto.
* WhenNear everyonethe isend, sayingas goodbyethe gang bids farewell to SquirtleAidan and his {{p|Wartortle}}, Togepithe lead Wartortle's scarf is a yellowishburnt orange color instead of whiteyellow.
* When everyone is saying goodbye to Squirtle, {{TP|Misty|Togepi}} is a yellowish-orange color instead of white.
EP147 Error.png|Poliwag's tails
EP147 Error 2.png|Togepi's miscoloration
EP147 Error 3.png|Wartortle's miscolored scarf
===Dub edits===
* [[FilePokémon Karaokémon]]:EP147 Error[[You & 3.png|thumb|200px|right|Wartortle'sMe miscolored& scarfPokémon]]
* An instrumental version of the [[Kanto Pokérap]] is used as background music.
==In other languages==
|bg={{tt|Противопожарен отряд!|Fire Brigade!}}
|zh_cmn={{tt|傑尼龜軍團!一起燃燒吧!|Squirtle Squad! Get Fired Up!}}
|cs={{tt|Hasičská soutěž|Firefighter competition}}
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