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Houndour (Undaunted 54)

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==Release information==
This card was includedreleased in the English {{TCG|Undaunted}} expansion with artwork by [[Kagemaru Himeno]], originating from the Japanese {{TCG|Reviving Legends}} expansion. In Japan, a Cosmos Holofoil promotional{{TCG|L-P versionPromotional cards|L-P Promotional}} print of this card was awarded as a prize to thoseparticipants whoof participatedthe in {{TCG|Reviving Legends}} Release Commemoration Tournamentsevents held in January 2010. This print has the Pokémon Card Game LEGEND logo in the top left of the illustration and the Reviving Legends logo on the bottom right. This card was later reprinted in the English {{TCG|Call of Legends}} expansion with new artwork by the same artist.