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Cursed Body (Ability)

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In battle: This is only relevant for moves that call other moves when upgraded into Z-Moves
If Cursed Body disables a [[multi-strike move]] before it has finished all of its hits, it will not prevent the other hits from being executed. Cursed Body can disable a {{cat|Moves that call other moves|move that calls another move}} if the called move dealt damage.
CursedIf Bodya canPokémon disableuses a damaging [[Z-Move]] evenon thougha theyPokémon arewith Cursed Body, that damaging Z-Move can be disabled (with no effect on the base move), despite Z-Moves only being able to be used once per battle. ThisHowever, hasif noCursed effectBody onwould thedisable originala movestatus thatZ-Move was(such upgradedas intoZ-Nature Power), the Z-Movebase status move will be disabled.
===Outside of battle===