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Mega Effects

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Mega Effects are special skills in [[Pokémon Shuffle]]. These skills are activated withwhen a combinationPokémon of a[[Mega Evolution|Mega StoneEvolves]], andby ahaving certainthe numberappropriate of[[Mega iconsStone]] matchesand formatching the specific Pokémon. Itto isbe onlyMega possibleEvolved toenough havetimes. oneOnly Pokémonthe Megaplayer's Effectfirst inSupport usePokémon atcan anyMega timeEvolve, duemeaning toit is only being ablepossible to have one Mega EvolutionEffect onat anya stagetime.
Each Mega Effect can either erase or replace Pokémon icons and {{DL|Pokémon Shuffle|Disruptions}} in the puzzle area. The kinds of tiles targeted differ depending on the effect. If the Mega Effect erases icons, each non-empty tile that is erased boosts the amount of damage dealt to the opponent. If a Mega match and at least one non-Mega match are made simultaneously and have equal priority, the Mega match will activate last.
==List of Mega Effects==
The explanationtable ofbelow details for each Mega Pokémon's: its Mega Effect, the amountdefault size of iconsits Mega Gauge (gauge)the needednumber toof Megaicons Evolvethat tomust usebe thatmatched skillfor the gauge to be filled), and the maximum number of Mega Speedups a Pokémonthat can usebe toused reduceon it (reducing the iconssize neededof arethe asMega follows:Gauge).
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