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The '''Rage Candy Bar''' (Japanese: '''いかりまんじゅう''' ''Rage {{wp|Manjū}}'') is an [[item]] originallyintroduced exclusive toin the [[Generation II]] games. andIt reimplementedis present in the Generation II games and every core series game since {{game|HeartGold and SoulSilver|s}}. It is a local specialty of [[Mahogany Town]].
==In the core series games==
====Generation IV====
In {{game|HeartGold and SoulSilver|s}}, it is a [[Key Item]]. It may be exchanged for {{TM|64|Explosion}} with aan [[Non-player character|NPC]] inon the {{OBP|Underground Path|Kanto Routes 5-6}} onbetween [[Route]]s {{rtn|5|Kanto}} and {{rtn|6|Kanto}} for {{TM|64|Explosion}}.
====Generations V and VI====
====Generation VII====
When used from the [[Bag]] on a Pokémon, it cures a Pokémon fromof all [[status condition]]s ({{status|poison}}, {{status|paralysis}}, {{status|sleep}}, {{status|burn}}, {{status|freeze}},) and {{status|confusion}}.
{{movedescentry|{{gameabbrev2|GSC}}|Restores <sc>Pok</sc>é<sc>monPokémon</sc> HP by 20.}}
{{movedescentry|{{gameabbrev4|HGSS}}|A famous candy in Mahogany Town. Many tourists like to buy them to take home.}}
{{movedescentry|{{gameabbrev5|BWB2W2}}|A famous Mahogany Town candy tourists like to buy and take home. It restores the HP of one Pokémon by 20 points.}}
| {{gameabbrev2|GSC}}
| [[Mahogany Town]] (purchase from man who stops the player from going to {{rt|44|Johto}} before the [[Red Gyarados]] is defeated or captured)<br>[[Mahogany Town]] {{DL|Mahogany Town|Just a Souvenir Shop|Souvenir Shop}} (after defeating the {{tc|Executive|Rocket Executives}} at [[Goldenrod Radio Tower]])
| {{gameabbrev4|HGSS}}
| {{gameabbrev5|BW}}
| [[Icirrus City]], [[Desert Resort]]
| [[Royal Unova]]{{dotw|Sat}}
| {{gameabbrev5|B2W2}}
| [[Pokéstar Studios]] (gift after completing a movie), [[Royal Unova]]{{dotw|Sat}}, [[Join Avenue]] ({{DL|Join Avenue|Market}})
| {{gameabbrev6|XY}}
| ReceivedAny [[Kalos hotels|Hotel]] (from a {{tc|Waiter}} inafter {{DL|Camphriermeeting Town|Hotelhim Camphrier}},multiple {{DL|Cyllage City|Hotel Cyllage}}, {{DL|Ambrette Town|Hotel Ambrette}}, {{DL|Geosenge Town|Hotel Marine Snow}}, {{DL|Coumarine City|Hotel Coumarine}}, or {{DL|Couriway Town|Hotel Couriway}}times)
| {{gameabbrev6|ORAS}}
| [[Trick House]]
| Any [[Pokémon Contest|Contest Spectacular]] [[Contest Hall|Hall]] (random gift from a fan after completing a Contest of any rank)
| {{gameabbrev7|SM}}
Rage Candy Bars appeared in ''[[DP143|An Egg Scramble!]]'', where they were one of the items being sold by [[Khoury]] at the [[Johto Festival]]. Some of them were also seen amongst the food stolen by {{TRT}}.
==In the manga==
[[File:RageCandyBar Adventures.png|thumb|130px|A Rage Candy Bar in Pokémon Adventures]]
In ''[[PS482|To Make a Musical]]'', [[Ryoku]] of the [[Seven Sages]] was seen holding a box of Rage Candy Bars in his hand before entering the [[Relic Castle]] to catch {{p|Volcarona}} for [[Ghetsis]].
==Design basis==
The Rage Candy Bar is based on the Japanese {{wp|manjū}}, a type of pounded rice cake. Manjū are sold in Japan as {{wp|confectionery}}, and are often unique to certain places (much as the Rage Candy Bar is to [[Mahogany Town]]). A direct translation would thus prove confusing for English-speaking {{player}}s, providing reasoning behind naming it as a {{wp|Chocolate bar|candy bar}}. Its in-[[Bag]] sprite depicts it in a small box, which could pass for a candy bar wrapper, preventing revelation of the translation issue.