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'''Volley Town''' (Japanese: '''バレータウン''' ''Valley Town'') is an {{pkmn|anime}}-only location in [[Hoenn]]. It was featured in the episode ''[[AG087|Crazy as a Lunatone]]''. It is located between [[Fortree City]] and [[Lilycove City]]. Volley Town appears to be based on a classic {{wp|Western (genre)|western}} town, complete with {{wp|Tumbleweed|tumbleweeds}}. It is surrounded at all sides by high mountains and very steep cliffs. At the edge of the town there is a location called [[Camerupt Point]].
When {{Ash}}, {{an|Brock}}, {{an|May}} and [[Max]] were on their way to Lilycove City for May's next {{pkmn|Contest}}, they decided to take a rest at Volley Town, only to discover that the town was deserted. Even though the town looks old and uncivilised, it has a [[Pokémon Center]]. Ash and {{ashfr}} went here and discovered that the town was not completely deserted: Aa [[Nurse Joy]] showed up, though she acted strange.
Later, it was discovered that the Nurse Joy's mind was actually controlled by a {{p|Lunatone}} that crash landed nearby from space.