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Fire Spin (move)

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===Generations III and IV===
The effects of Fire Spin are the same as in Generation II, but if a [[wild Pokémon]] uses Fire Spin on the player's Pokémon, the player may escape if the affected Pokémon has {{a|Run Away}} or is holding a {{DL|In-battle effect item|[[Smoke Ball}}]]. However, these do not allow the player to switch the Pokémon out. The text also changes to "<Pokémon> was trapped in the vortex!"
If the user of Fire Spin is holding a {{DL|In-battle effect item|[[Grip Claw}}]], the duration of Fire Spin will always be 5 turns. Also, if an affected Pokémon is holding a {{DL|In-battle effect item|Shed Shell}}, it can switch out.
Fire Spin can also be used as part of a [[Contest combination|Pokémon Contest combination]], with the user gaining extra four appeal points if the move {{m|Sunny Day}} was used in the prior turn.
===Generation V===
Fire Spin's power and accuracy were raised to 35 and 85 respectively, and now lasts for four to five turns. If a {{DL|In-battle effect item|[[Binding Band}}]] is held by the user, the damage done at the end of each turn will increase from 1/16 of the target's maximum HP to 1/8. The text changes again, this time to "<Pokémon> was trapped in the fiery vortex!"
===Generation VI===
The end turn damage of Fire Spin is increased from 1/16 to 1/8 of the target's maximum HP. If the user is holding a {{DL|In-battle effect item|[[Binding Band}}]], the end turn damage of Fire Spin will increase to 1/6 of the target's maximum HP. Ghost-type Pokémon cannot be trapped by Fire Spin.