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==={{chap|Black & White}}===
[[File:N Zorua Illusion Adventures.png|thumb|left|200px|Illusion activated]]
Prior to the start of the {{chap|Black & White}}, Zorua was one of the wild Pokémon that N befriended in his youth. When N became the King of Team Plasma, Zorua helped him [[release|liberate]] the [[starter Pokémon]] that [[Cedric Juniper]] planned to give out to new Trainers.
After waking up, N rode on Zekrom's back and said his farewells as he left Unova to find his own path in life. Despite accepting its feelings, N left Zorua behind as it frantically tried to catch up with him.
==={{chap|Black 2 & White 2}}===
In [[PS539]], Zorua is revealed to have joined [[Rood]]'s side as one of the members of Team Plasma who remain loyal to N's ideals. Zorua is sent out at [[Castelia City]], where it is introduced to {{adv|Whitley}}. Using its Illusion Ability, Zorua takes on Whitley's appearance, allowing her to leave her classmates to go find a microchip containing data that could counteract a Pokémon-controlling device created by [[Colress]], the new leader of Team Plasma.