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Related to the move reminder: new section
== Smash Bros. Pikachu and Mewtwo ==
The section about Pikachu and Mewtwo in Smash should probably be removed or altered seeing as the gen 1 rereleases mean that Skull Bash Pikachu and Teleport Mewtwo are once again possible in the main games.
== Related to the move reminder ==
Since the move reminder can teach pokemon any level up move at any level, shouldn't there be a note at the beginning of the moves known at an early level section that says something like: "Unless specified otherwise, all of the errors listed are fixed in Generation VII due to the move learner being able to teach moves the Pokémon would learn at higher levels." [[User:CoolMan6001|CoolMan6001]] ([[User talk:CoolMan6001|talk]]) 01:31, 8 May 2017 (UTC)