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I just checked, and EV modifications are automatically applied in Gen III and IV...
The '''box trick''' is a method in the [[core series]] [[Pokémon games]] that allows a Pokémon to change its stats due to [[effort values]] without [[level|leveling up]]. It works in all[[Generation]]s generations{{gen|I}} until Generationand V{{gen|II}}.
Usually, a Pokémon's stats are calculated upon leveling up; however, Pokémon stored in the [[PC]] have only the numbers used in the calculations stored (namely the [[Effort values|EVs]], [[Individual values|IVs]] and [[base stats]]), so depositing and withdrawing a Pokémon from the PC will cause its stats to be recalculated. This method can be used to EV train level 100 Pokémon by using [[vitamin]]s.
InFrom [[Generation {{gen|I}}III]] andonward, the trick is obsolete. In these {{gen|II}}games, thiseffort methodvalues canare beimmediately usedapplied to EVstats trainas levelsoon 100as a Pokémon's effort values are modified.
In Generation {{gen|III}} and {{gen|IV}}, level 100 Pokémon cannot gain effort values through battle, because in these games effort values are only awarded in battle if the Pokémon gains [[experience]]. However, this trick is still useful for level 100 Pokémon if their effort values are modified by [[vitamin]]s or {{cat|Friendship-raising Berries|stat-reducing Berries}}.
From [[Generation V]] onward, the trick is obsolete. In these games, effort values are immediately applied to stats as soon as a Pokémon's effort values are modified.
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