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The '''box trick''' is a method in the [[core series]] [[Pokémon games]] that allows a Pokémon to change its stats due to [[effort values]] without [[level|leveling up]]. It works in all generations until Generation V. In Generation {{gen|I}} and {{gen|II}}, this method can be used to EV train level 100 Pokémon.
Usually, a Pokémon's stats are calculated upon leveling up; however, Pokémon stored in the [[PC]] have only the numbers used in the calculations stored, (namely the [[Effort values|EVs]], [[Individual values|IVs]] and [[base stats]]), so depositing and withdrawing a Pokémon from the PC will cause its stats to be recalculated.
In Generation {{gen|IIII}} and {{gen|IVII}}, level 100 Pokémon are unable to gain effort values through battle. This is because in these games, effort values are awarded at the same time as [[experience]]; since Pokémon at level 100 don't gain experience, they are also skipped over for effort values. This means that this trick cannot be used to alter a level 100 Pokémon's stats via leveling up; however, this trickmethod can be used to changeEV atrain level 100 Pokémon's stats by consuming [[vitamin]]s or {{cat|Friendship-raising Berries|stat-reducing Berries}}.
FromIn [[Generation V]]{{gen|III}} onwardand {{gen|IV}}, thelevel trick100 isPokémon obsolete.cannot Effortgain effort values are applied afterthrough battle, andbecause in these games effort values are only awarded toin levelbattle 100if the Pokémon. Also, EVs are automatically applied when usinggains [[vitaminexperience]]s. and [[wing]]sHowever, sothis ittrick is unneededstill touseful givefor EVslevel to100 Pokémon whoif aretheir desiredeffort notvalues toare gainmodified by [[experiencevitamin]]s or {{cat|Friendship-raising Berries|stat-reducing Berries}}.
From [[Generation V]] onward, the trick is obsolete. In these games, effort values are immediately applied to stats as soon as they are modified.
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