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Jessie's Mimikyu

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With Jessie
In ''[[SM004|First Catch in Alola, Ketchum-style!]]'', Team Rocket and Mimikyu were trapped in Bewear's den. Jessie was attempting to catch Mimikyu with a {{Ball|Poké}}, because neither Meowth nor {{TP|Jessie|Wobbuffet}} could beat Bewear, but Mimikyu kept swatting it away with its tail stick. At some point, James dropped a {{Ball|Luxury}} he was going to add to his collection. Jessie threw it at Mimikyu and successfully caught it. During their first battle with Pikachu, Mimikyu was called out and used {{m|Shadow Ball}}, but Pikachu used {{m|Electro Ball}} to intercept. Mimikyu used Play Rough on him and was about to use {{m|Shadow Claw}}, but thanks to {{AP|Rowlet}}'s {{m|Leafage}}, Pikachu was saved. Before the fight lasted too long, Bewear returned and carried Team Rocket away.
In [[SM025]], Mimikyu assisted Team Rocket in their quest to obtain a {{DL|Z-Crystal|Darkinium Z}}. It battled a {{pkmn2|Totem}} [[Regional variant|Alolan]] {{p|Raticate}}, which protected the Z-Crystal, but was swatted away by Raticate's tail. When Raticate was about to finish Team Rocket and some {{tc|Team Skull Grunt}}s off, Mimikyu emerged from the bushes and managed to defeat Raticate with a powerful combination of {{m|Wood Hammer}} and a super effective Play Rough.