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The first time the Relic Fragment appears is when the player is woken up in the [[Pokémon world (Mystery Dungeon)|Pokémon world]] by the partner, and the partner shows the Relic Fragment of to the player saying that they have had it as long as they can remember. Then {{p|Zubat}} and {{p|Koffing}} of {{mdc|Team Skull}} jumps out of hiding and steal the Relic Fragment and run into [[Beach Cave]]. The player agrees to help the partner get it back. After defeating the two thieves they run away in fear and the Relic Fragment is once again in the partner's possesionpossession.
In an expedition to [[Brine Cave]] Team Skull realizes that the Relic Fragment is needed to get to [[Hidden Land]] and steal it once again, but are later found beaten up by an unknown culpitculprit (which later turns out to be two {{p|Kabuto}} and a {{p|Kabutops}}) and give back the Relic Fragment to the partner. When at the bottom of Brine Cave, it interacts with a similar pattern on the wall, signaling {{mdc|Lapras|2}} who then takes the player, partner and {{mdc|Grovyle|2}} to the Hidden Land.
Once the party has reached the Old Ruins Grovyle reads an ancient tablet with Footprint runes on it which tells them to put the Relic Fragment into a small hole in the floor, but before they do that {{mdc|Dusknoir|2}} attacks them, drags them down to a smaller room, and attempsattempts to drag them to the future. After defeating Dusknoir, Grovyle takes him to the future instead leaving the player and partner to climb the [[Temporal Tower]] themselves. The player and partner then take their farwells as well as the five [[Time Gears]] and fits the Relic Fragment into the small hole in the ground activating the [[Rainbow Stoneship]] which takes them to the Temporal Tower.
==In the anime==