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Relic Fragment

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In an expedition to [[Brine Cave]] Team Skull realizes that the Relic Fragment is needed to get to [[Hidden Land]] and steal it once again, but are later found beaten up by an unknown culpit (which later turns out to be two {{p|Kabuto}} and a {{p|Kabutops}}) and give back the Relic Fragment to the partner. When at the bottom of Brine Cave, it interacts with a similar pattern on the wall, signaling {{mdc|Lapras|2}} who then takes the player, partner and {{mdc|Grovyle|2}} to the Hidden Land.
Once the party has reached the Old Ruins Grovyle reads an ancient tablet with Footprint runes on it which tells them to put the Relic Fragment into a small hole in the floor, but before they do that {{mdc|Dusknoir|2}} attacks them, drags them down to a smaller room, and attemps to drag them to the future. After defeating Dusknoir, Grovyle takes him to the future instead leaving the player and partner to climb the [[Temporal Tower]] themselves. The player and partner then take their farwells as well as the five [[Time Gears]] and fits the Relic Fragment into the small hole in the ground activating the [[Rainbow Stoneship]] which takes them to the Temporal Tower.
==In the anime==