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[[File:Lana mother.png|thumb|250px|Lana's mother]]
'''Lana's mother''' is a minor recurring character who appeared in the [[SM024Pokémon anime]]. She is the mother of {{an|Lana}}, [[Harper and Sarah|Harper, and Sarah]].
She is==In the mother of {{an|Lana}}, [[Harper and Sarah]]. She first appeared when she arrived at the [[Pokémon School]] during the Visiting Day to see Lana along with Harper and Sarah.anime==
Lana's mother first appeared in ''[[SM024|Alolan Open House!]]'' when she arrived at the [[Pokémon School]] during the Visiting Day to see Lana along with Harper and Sarah and had to calm Harper and Sarah down when they got excited about joining the school
<Lana's mother reappeared in a flashback in ''[[SM059|Tasting the Bitter with the Sweet!--==Voice]]''. It was revealed that, when {{an|Mallow}} and Lana were young, she made a delivery to [[Abe]] at [[Aina's Kitchen]], allowing the two girls to meet each actors==other.
In the [[Poké Problem]] segment of [[SM079]], she was watching a {{p|Minior}} shower whilst Harper and Sarah slept next to her.
In ''[[SM093|Lillier and the Staff!]]'', she watched Lana perform in the school play alongside Harper and Sarah.
In ''[[SM099|We Know Where You're Going, Eevee!]]'', she greeted her husband as he returned home.
As shown in ''[[SM099|We Know Where You're Going, Eevee!]]'', much like Lana, she has a habit of making things up, only to tell the truth in the process of lying.
===Voice actors===
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|en=[[Melissa Schoenberg|Melissa Hope]]
|fi=Katja Sirkiä
|pl=Marta Kurzak
|es_eu=Amalia Cantarero
==In the games==
In [[Pokémon Sun and Moon]], she lives in a house in [[Konikoni City]] with her husband and three daughters. Her husband is a fisherman, and she states that he is good at fishing treasures such as {{i|Pearl}}s and [[Heart Scale]]s, but does not have any luck when it comes to fishing Pokémon.
* Dub closed captions refer to her as '''Lana's mother'''.
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