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The evolution makes no sense
So, in order to get -, you need to hatch ??. Um... how does that even WORK? Is there a shark code that causes normal Pokemon to hatch? Or, does the game think that ? is an egg?
:I think that (this is speculation based on the properties of certain Pokémon, I haven't poked around in the game's memory) every Pokémon has 2 memory values that both specify whether or not a Pokémon is an egg. Don't ask me why it was designed like that. Since Pokémon has never heard of error catching, if the 2 values are different, 2 scripts that used different "egg" values because "they're both the same, right?" will disagree on whether or not a pokemon is an egg. So a "pokemon" might be able to fight in a battle and level up, because that uses 1 address, but will also hatch, because that uses the other. On the flipside of that, a "pokemon" might not be able to fight, because "it's an egg right?", but it won't hatch because "this is a pokemon, right?". Like how in Generation 1, you can get a pokemon that uses the pikachu sprite because "that's a pikachu!", but it's blue because "that's a lapras!". Again, don't ask me why it's designed like that. I have no idea. Also, like I said, this is just speculation from the properties of glitch pokémon. --[[User:Aaay|<span style="color:blue">Aaay</span>]] <small>''([[User talk:Aaay|<span style="color:red">TalK</span>]])''</small> 17:07, 26 April 2017 (UTC)