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Item types: Ability Capsules are medicine
[[File:Dream Escape Rope Sprite.png|thumb|80px|Escape Rope]]
The Items pocket contains all items that are not put in another pocket. Some items in the Items pocket are below.
* [[Ability Capsule]]s change the [[Ability]] of a Pokémon.
* [[Escape Rope]]s are used to return to the entrance of a cave or dungeon.
* [[Escape item]]s, such as {{DL|Escape item|Poké Doll}} and {{DL|Escape item|Fluffy Tail}}, provide easy escape from a wild Pokémon.
* [[Evolutionary stone]]s are used to evolve certain species of Pokémon.
* [[ExchangeableValuable item|Valuable]] and [[exchangeable item]]s have no purpose other than to help the player obtain other goods or be sold. Examples include [[Coin]]s, [[Apricorn]]s, and [[Shard]]s.
* [[Flute]]s can be blown into produce an effect. They can be used multiple times without being consumed.
* [[Fossil]]s may be revived into Pokémon.
* [[Mulch]] can be used in [[Berry]] growth.
* [[Repel]]s prevent wild Pokémon from appearing. There are several different types, each with a different strength.
* [[Valuable item]]s have no purpose other than to earn money for the player.
* Available only in [[Pokémon Colosseum]] and {{Pokémon XD}}, [[Scent]]s increase a Pokémon's friendship.
* [[Vitamin]]s and [[wing]]s can increase a Pokémon's stats.
* [[Herbal medicine]] cure various afflictions.
* [[Ability Capsule]]s change the [[Ability]] of a Pokémon.
===TMs & HMs===