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Appendix:Black 2 and White 2 walkthrough/Section 19

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relinking Ether-like items, replaced: {{DL|Vitamin|Rare Candy}} → Rare Candy (3), |display=Rare Candy}} → }} (2)
{{Itemlist|TM Poison|North of Youngster Astor|B2=yes|W2=yes|display={{TM|36|Sludge Bomb}}}}
{{Itemlist|Nest Ball|Northeast of Youngster Astor|B2=yes|W2=yes|display={{ball|Nest}}}}
{{Itemlist|Rare Candy|South of Youngster Astor (hidden)|B2=yes|W2=yes|display={{DL|Vitamin|Rare Candy}}}}
{{itlistfoot|{{#switch: {{#time: M}}|Apr|Aug|Dec=snow|forest}}}}
{{Itemlist|Heart Scale|Northeast part of the marsh|B2=yes|W2=yes|display={{DL|Exchangeable item|Heart Scale}}}}
{{Itemlist|Dawn Stone|In the patch of flowers, southwest of Fisherman Eustace (hidden)|B2=yes|W2=yes}}
{{Itemlist|Rare Candy|In the group of trees, southwest of Fisherman Eustace|B2=yes|W2=yes|display={{DL|Vitamin|Rare Candy}}}}
{{Itemlist|Full Heal|Northeast of Pokémon Ranger Parker|B2=yes|W2=yes|display={{DL|Status ailment healing item|Full Heal}}}}
{{itlistfoot|{{#switch: {{#time: M}}|Apr|Aug|Dec=snow|marsh}}}}
Go west from the entrance to find a hidden {{DL|Valuable item|TinyMushroom}} in the line of trees. To the north, an old man tells you about the marsh's history and the fire that once raged here. Move the boulder into place to reach the southwest lake; defeat Pokémon Ranger Elaine to get a [[Lum Berry]], and continue south to find {{TM|84|Poison Jab}}. Further north, a hidden {{DL|Valuable item|Big Mushroom}} and a {{DL|Shard|Green Shard}} lie on opposite sides of Fisherman Arnold. Head to the northeast area for a {{DL|Exchangeable item|Heart Scale}}, then jump the ledge. A hidden [[Dawn Stone]] and a {{DL|Vitamin|[[Rare Candy}}]] can be found in the middle of the southeast lake. South of that, Pokémon Ranger Parker gives up another [[Lum Berry]], and a {{DL|Status ailment healing item|Full Heal}} sits nearby.
Return to {{rt|8|Unova}} and head southwest to reach [[Icirrus City]].