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Unova Route 6

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It also works as a greenhouse, with the scientists cultivating plants inside a glass case by controlling the temperature and humidity. The plants they grow depend on the season. For example, in [[Seasons#Winter|Winter]], the glass is hot to the touch and a plant with healthy leaves is growing inside the glass, while in [[Seasons#Spring|Spring]], the glass is slightly cold and the scientists are growing some [[Berries]].
A thermometer on the wall shows the current temperature at Route 6, which also varies heavily depending on the season, but varies even within seasons. It can fall as low as -9  °C (approximately 16  °F) in winter and go as high as 25  °C (approximately 77  °F) in spring.
One of the scientists inside the lab requests that the {{player}} show him one of each [[List of Pokémon with form differences#Deerling and Sawsbuck|seasonal form]] of Deerling. When his request is fulfilled, he will give the player a [[Leaf Stone]].
{{Itemlist|Cheri Berry|Gift from {{tc|Pokémon Ranger}}s|Bl=yes|W=yes|display=[[Cheri Berry]] ×2}}
{{Itemlist|Hyper Potion|To the left of the Season Research Lab|Bl=yes|W=yes|display={{DL|Potion|Hyper Potion}}}}
{{Itemlist|Elixir|Amongst the tall grass south of the Season Research Lab|Bl=yes|W=yes|display={{DL|Ether|Elixir}}}}
{{Itemlist|Leaf Stone|
* Between {{tc|Parasol Lady}} Tihana and Pokémon Ranger Richard
* Near Mistralton Cave entrance (requires {{m|Surf}}) ''(hidden, [[Item#Recurring items|regrows occasionally]])''|Bl=yes|W=yes|display={{DL|Valuable item|TinyMushroom}} ×2}}
{{Itemlist|Big Mushroom|Directly behind the north gate of the Season Research Lab (requires {{m|Surf}}) ''(hidden)''|Bl=yes|W=yes|display={{DL|Valuable item|Big Mushroom}}}}
{{Itemlist|Elixir|East of School Kid Mara|B2=yes|W2=yes|display={{DL|Ether|Elixir}}}}
{{Itemlist|Moon Stone|Near the Season Research Lab|B2=yes|W2=yes}}
{{Itemlist|TinyMushroom|South of the Research Facility, empty spot in patch of grass ''(hidden)'' ([[Item#Recurring items|regrows occasionally]])|B2=yes|W2=yes|display={{DL|Valuable item|TinyMushroom}}}}