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Appendix:Gold and Silver walkthrough/Section 28

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[[File:Mt Silver 1F GSC.png|thumb|Mt. Silver, 1F]]
The first chamber is the only part of [[Mt. Silver]] that is dark enough to require the use of {{m|Flash}}. Grab the {{DL|Battle item|X Accuracy}} on the southeast platform, then loop around to the west to reach an [[Escape Rope]]. West of the middle platform between the ledges is a [[Dire Hit]] hidden on the rock. The northern, largest platform opens into a T-intersection; turn left to get a {{DL|Ether|[[Max Elixir}}]], then go right and south to find a hidden {{ball|Ultra}}. Head back north to reach the opening in the northeast.
{| class="expandable" align="center" style="background: #{{locationcolor/med|cave}}; {{roundy}}; border: 5px solid #{{locationcolor/light|cave}};"
{{Itemlist|Escape Rope|On the southwest ledge|G=yes|S=yes}}
{{Itemlist|Dire Hit|On a rock, between two ledges on the east side (hidden)|G=yes|S=yes|display={{DL|Battle item|Dire Hit}}}}
{{Itemlist|Max Elixir|Between two ledges in the northwest corner|G=yes|S=yes|display={{DL|Ether|Max Elixir}}}}