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Recurring wild Pokémon in the anime

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Stoutland: Another tiny spelling correction.
Stoutland reappeared in [[SM016]] where it and Litten had moved location to under a canal bridge. Stoutland seemed keen on the idea of Litten joining Ash's team, something Litten wasn't keen on itself.
Stoutland reappeared once again in [[SM021]], visibly worse in condition and coughing constantly. It had attempted to teach Litten Fire Fang by demonstrating it, but Litten ended up hurting itself when it attempted to bite a rock. Stoutland later collapsed, and Litten ran off to get Ash's help, who proceeded to carry it to a Pokémon Center. Stoutland was taken into the center's emergency room and hooked up to an electrocardiogram as it was attended to by the center's Nurse Joy and her {{TP|Nurse Joy|Blissey}} and {{TP|Nurse Joy|Comfey}}. Nurse Joy came out to the waiting room to inform Ash that Stoutland was not ill or injured, and Litten rushdrushed through the open door to check on Stoutland while the two humans agreed that they knew what was going to happen.
It was later discharged and returned to its home under the bridge with Litten, unsuccessfully attempting to teach it Fire Fang again and falling asleep during Litten's turn. After curling up into Stoutland afterwards, Litten awoke in fear after a dream where it was unable to keep up with Stoutland and discovered it had disappeared. Stoutland's disappearance and Litten's unsuccessful search for it coincided with a heavy rainstorm. After being found by Ash, Litten chased a tree's last leaf when it was blown away by the wind after the rain stopped. It then discovered a cloud formation shaped like Stoutland smiling down upon it.