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Plot: I don't think that was supposed to be a leaf pun... ... ...oh never-mind, just making a tiny spelling correction.
Back on dry land, James has pulled the helmet with Mareanie still attached as Meowth wonders what has happened. After explaining, Team Rocket looks at Mareanie and James discovers it is very poisonous. To James's horror, Jessie suggests catching it as they could use a {{t|Poison}} type which causes Mareanie to attach itself to James' head which leaves him {{status|poison}}ed and makes him look like a Mareanie.
Professor Kukui decides it is time for Pokémon observation where everyone must find and observe a target Pokémon. Whilst Lana goes underwater and Kiawe up a tree, Sophocles opts to study a {{p|Staryu}} and {{p|Shellder}}, Lillie observes a {{p|Mankey}} and {{p|Primeape}}, and Mallow observes two {{p|Pichu}}. James is still trying to escape from Mareanie, wondering why it is following him, Meowth notes James looks like a Mareanie. Ash is still looking for a Pokémon to observe when he comes across Team Rocket. Taking the opportunity to capture Pikachu, Jessie orders Mimikyu to use {{m|Shadow Ball}} which Pikachu intercepts with {{m|Iron Tail}}. Meowth and Wobbuffet get involved but are attacked by {{m|Thunderbolt}} when Mareanie gets involved and attacks with {{m|Spike Cannon}}. Pikachu dodges and James realises Mareanie is battling for them. Ash and Pikachu get distracted allowing Mimikyu to attack with {{m|Shadow Claw}}. Rowlet attempts to assist with {{m|Leafage}} but is hit by Mareanie's {{m|Sludge Bomb}} leaving Rowlet poisoned. Mareanie's Sludge Bomb leaves a cloud of dust allowing Mimikyu to attack again leafingleaving Pikachu and Rowlet defeated and giving Team Rocket victory but as they celebrate, Bewear jumps out of the water and carries them back to its den. With Team Rocket gone, Ash tends to his Pokémon.
Returning to the others, Professor Kukui gives Ash an {{DL|Status condition healing item|Antidote}} to heal Rowlet's poison and Rowlet soon recovers. Ash thanks the others for their help and Mallow suggests a game of Volleyball which Ash agrees to and Popplio makes a balloon for the game. Rowlet gets swallowed up when the balloon splits and merges again but Togedemaru soon pops the balloon. Popplio creates another as they continue their game.