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Manaphy (Pokémon)

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Trivia: Not anymore as now there is Pyukumuku.
** Despite the fact that Eggs cannot be transferred via [[Poké Transfer]], Manaphy's Egg is found in {{Gdis|List of Pokémon by index number|V|the coding of}} the [[Generation V]] games. {{gdis|List of locations by index number|V|Location data}} for Pokémon Ranger also exists in those games.
* Like the majority of [[Event Pokémon]] obtained through [[Mystery Gift]], it was intended to be impossible to obtain a {{Shiny}} Manaphy. However, an oversight allows a Manaphy Egg to have a chance to hatch Shiny, but only if it was traded before hatching. This is because Shininess is dependent on the [[Trainer ID number]] and Secret ID number, and the game mistakenly attempts to prevent Shininess using the original game's ID numbers instead of the ID numbers of the game that it was traded to. Furthermore, any Shiny Manaphy that was hatched from a traded egg can be able to pass Poké Transporter's legality check.
* Manaphy is the lightest {{type|Water}} Pokémon.