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Cipher Lab

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{{Itemlist|PP Up|1F west wing, behind the [[PC]]|Colo=yes|display={{DL|Vitamin|PP Up}} ×3}}
{{Itemlist|None|B1F of the west wing, in the upper-left corner|Colo=yes|display={{key|Orre|Card Key}}}}
{{Itemlist|Elixir|The lowest floor of the side building, accessed from The Under Subway|Colo=yes|display={{DL|Ether|[[Elixir}}]] ×3}}
{{Itemlist|Full Restore|At the dead end near {{tc|Cipher Peon}} Tanie and the two adjacent elevators|Colo=yes|display={{DL|Potion|Full Restore}}}}
{{Itemlist|None|In the small room with {{tc|Scientist|Researcher}} Coren|Colo=yes|display={{key|Orre|Down St. Key}}}}
*At the dead end past Cipher Peon Meda
*In the healing room accessible from the right adjacent elevator|XD=yes|display={{DL|[[Ether|Ether}}]] ×2}}
{{Itemlist|Great Ball|
*In the upper-right corner of the room with {{tc|Scientist|Cipher R&D}}s Elrok and Coffy