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In all games but [[Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire Versions|Ruby, Sapphire]], [[Pokémon Emerald Version|Emerald]], [[Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire|Omega Ruby, and Alpha Sapphire]] there is only one type of Bicycle.
In Generations I and III, [[Miracle Cycle]] is selling Bicycles for {{Pdollar}}1,000,000, which is {{PDollar}}1 more than it is possible for the player to obtain in these games. Instead, the player must use a {{key|III|[[Bike Voucher}}]] to buy one.
In {{game2|Diamond|Pearl|Platinum}}, the player can press the B Button to switch between the third and fourth gears. Fourth gear is faster than third gear and allows the player to ride up {{DL|bike obstacles|muddy slopes}} and jump further from bike {{DL|bike obstacles|ramps}}. Third gear can jump bike ramps, but does not jump as far.
In [[Pokémon X and Y]], the player can choose between a green or a yellow bicycle, the choice having no impact on the bike itself.
=====Item details=====
|descoras=A folding Bike that enables a rider to get around much faster than with Running Shoes.
|descsm=A folding Bike that enables a rider to get around much faster than with Running Shoes.
|locrby=[[Cerulean City]] [[Miracle Cycle|Bike Shop]] (requires {{key|I|[[Bike Voucher}}]])
|locgsc=The [[Miracle Cycle|Bike Shop]] in northeast [[Goldenrod City]]
|locfrlg=[[Cerulean City]] [[Miracle Cycle|Bike Shop]] (requires {{key|III|[[Bike Voucher}}]])
|locdppt=Received from the owner of [[Rad Rickshaw's Cycle Shop]] in [[Eterna City]] after saving him from [[Team Galactic]]
|lochgss=Received from the owner of [[Miracle Cycle]] in [[Goldenrod City]]
In ''[[EP036|The Bridge Bike Gang]]'', [[Chopper]]'s bike bears a resemblance to {{p|Zapdos}}.
File:Misty Burnt Bike.png|{{an|Misty}}'s destroyed bicycle
File:Dawn bike destroyed.png|{{an|Dawn}}'s destroyed bicycle
===In Pokémon Origins===
[[File:Red Bicycle PO.png|220px|thumb|Red's bicycle in Pokémon Origins]]
{{OBP|Red|Origins}} commonly used a bicycle to move around in [[Pokémon Origins]]. He was seen obtaining it at the beginning of the episode ''[[PO02|File 2: Cubone]]'', getting it in return for a {{key|I|[[Bike Voucher}}]] he had obtained from the [[Pokémon Fan Club Chairman]].