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Munna (Gates to Infinity)

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Since she works for Kyurem and doesn't act as a mastermind behind the game's events, this seems to be more consistent with her role.
'''Munna''' (Japanese: '''ムンナ''' ''Munna'') is one of the primarysecondary antagonistsantagonist in [[Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity]]. She is the leader of a group of Pokémon striving to protect the future that was foretold by their ally and master, {{mdc|Kyurem|gti}}: the destruction of the {{OBP|Pokémon world|Mystery Dungeon}}. To achieve this, it is Munna's objective to defeat any (transformed) humans that have entered the Pokémon world, sending them back to the human world before they can destroy the [[Bittercold]], the direct source of the world's impending ruin.