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Appendix:Red and Blue walkthrough/Section 8

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[[File:Literal Ghost RBY.png|thumb|You can't battle them if you don't know what they are!]]
[[Pokémon Tower]], where departed Pokémon are laid to rest, appears to be the source of the town's problems. Having a connection to the spirit world, most wild Pokémon found inside are {{t|Ghost}}s. {{ga|Blue}} is on the tower's second floor, but you may decide to delay that battle by avoiding the tower for now. The spirit world's influence strengthens above the second floor, where ghosts and possessed Channelers are commonplace. But without a {{key|I|[[Silph Scope}}]], you won't be able to climb to the tower's top floor.
==== Restless Spirits ====
Most [[Ghost (literal)|ghosts]] inside the tower are truly Pokémon in disguise that can be battled or captured after obtaining the {{DL|List of key items in Generation I|[[Silph Scope}}]]. {{p|Gastly}} and {{p|Haunter}} are two of the only three {{t|Ghost}}s in the game, so it's worthwhile to track them down. The one true ghost in the tower blocks access to the final floor, but since you can't do anything but run from it, it's best to ignore it for now. However, there are rumors of a Silph Scope prototype in [[Celadon City]], so pack up and head west.