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Dialga (Pokémon)

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Dialga, along with {{p|Palkia}}, may be based on the {{wp|Shinto}} legend of {{wp|Izanami}} and {{wp|Izanagi}}, who are said to have created one island with a spear, erected a pillar on it, and from there created the islands of Japan. Appearance-wise, Dialga seems to be based on short-necked sauropod dinosaurs such as ''{{wp|Camarasaurus}}'' or ''{{wp|Brachytrachelopan}}''. Its type is {{t|Steel}} possibly due to the hardness of {{wp|diamonds}}, or the fact that most parts of a clock are made of metal, such as the gears. It may also be because diamonds are compressed carbon, and steel is an alloy from iron and carbon. The steel typing could also be based on the three forms of matter currently known during development of [[Generation IV]], Dialga representing solid, [[Palkia]] representing liquid and [[Giratina]] representing gas. Its turquoise pattern on its body is vaguely reminiscent to clock hands, where the ends of the "clock hands" are diamond-shaped.
====Name origin====