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|title_en=Pruning a Passel of Pals!|
|title_ja=激闘!それぞれのバトル!! |
|title_ja_trans=Fierce Fighting! Respective Battles!! |
|broadcast_jp=May 8, 2008 |
|broadcast_us=September 27, 2008 |
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|en_op= [[We Will Be Heroes]] |
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'''Pruning a Passel of Pals!''' (Japanese: '''激闘! それぞれのバトル!!''' ''Fierce Fighting! Respective Battles!!'') is the 78th episode of {{series|Diamond & Pearl}}, and the 544th episode of the [[Pokémon anime]]. It first aired in Japan on May 8, 2008 alongside [[DP077]] as part of a one-hour special, and in the United States on September 27, 2008.
The episode begins with recaps from [[DP077|the previous episode]]. Later, {{an|Dawn}}, {{an|May}}, and [[Zoey]] are seen in their Valor [[Hotel Grand Lake|Lakeside Resort]] room sitting on the floor, chatting. {{TP|May|Munchlax}} and {{TP|Dawn|Ambipom}} areexplains eatingthe while {{TP[[Johanna|Dawn|Piplup}}her andmother]]’s {{TP|Dawn|Buneary}}[[Top areCoordinator]] staringtitle atinspired Mayher whileto shecompete is talking aboutin [[Pokémon Contest]]s. TheyMay allreveals hearthat ashe crashingstruggled noisewith thatPokémon comesat fromthe Ash's[[AG001|beginning andof Brock'sher journey]], roombut [[AG013|later found joy in Contests]]. AshA hassudden fallencrash oninterrupts histhe headgirls’ fromconversation, hisbut bed!it Heturns out to be {{Ash}} who was dreaming about being in the middle of a tough battle. Ash decides to go fortake a walk atalong the [[Valor Lakefront]] with {{AP|Pikachu}}.
AtWhile thelooking lakeover [[Lake Valor]], Ash seesand {{AP|Pikachu}} notice a viewsmall ofwhirlpool in the citywater. A {{DL|Lake guardians (anime)|Azelf|projected soul}} then emerges before returning to the lake. Ash barges into his room, withhurriedly describing the projected soul to {{an|Brock}} and the girls. [[ContestDawn's HallPiplup]] atuses the{{m|Bubble frontBeam}} whileon enjoyingAsh theto wake him up, but Ash assures them he nightis breezefine. Then hethe andfive Pikachusit seedown ato smalldiscuss whirlpoolthe -mysterious likelight movementat inLake Valor. Then Dawn remembers the water.{{DL|Lake Aguardians (anime)|Mesprit|projected soul}} appears[[DP001|she saw]] emerge from [[Lake Verity]] on her first day as a Trainer. May then says that while she was in [[Snowpoint City]] she heard stories about the middle[[Legendary Pokémon]] that lives in [[Lake Acuity]]. TheyZoey, starebeing atfrom itSnowpoint curiouslyCity asherself, itconfirms dancesthis inas she heard the breezesame stories when she was young. TheZoey projectedadmits soulthat returnsthe three [[Sinnoh]] lakes have similar legends, and Brock considers whether these sightings are connected to the water.Spae-Time legend.
AshThe bargessecond intoround hisof room,the hurriedly[[Wallace describingCup]] begins the projectednext soulday. to[[Wallace]] greets the {{anpkmn|BrockCoordinator}}s. MayThe match ups are announced, and Dawn finds out that she will be the first to battle. Spurred on by her friends, andDawn Zoeysends enterout {{TP|Dawn|Buneary}} to battle the roomunnamed Trainer's {{p|Wailmer}}. AshWailmer describesshoots out a {{m|Brine}}, which sends Buneary into "the thing"air inand [[Lakecosts Valor]]Dawn assome heearly didpoints. Buneary then uses the spout to Brock.perform Dawnsomersaults, causing Wailmer's PiplupTrainer to lose points. Buneary then uses BubbleBeam{{m|Bounce}} continuously on AshWailmer, inand orderits forTrainer himloses toeven calmmore downpoints. Then theWailmer fiveapproaches startwith having{{m|Surf}}, acausing conversationDawn aboutto lose points before Buneary takes control of the lightsituation atwith Lakea Valorspin. ThenBuneary Dawnstrikes remembersher theopponent projectedwith soulsome [[DP001{{m|sheDizzy saw]]Punch}}es. emergeWailmer fromretaliates [[Lakewith Verity]]{{m|Hidden onPower}}, herbut firstBuneary dayleaps asout athe Trainer.way Mayand thenraces saystowards thatWailmer whileas shethe wasHidden inPower [[Snowpointfollows City]]her. sheShe heardbounces storiesoff aboutWailmer and out of the legendaryway, Pokémonand thatHidden livesPower inhits [[LakeWailmer Acuity]]instead. Wailmer tries a {{m|Body Slam}}, whichbut isBuneary's near{{m|Ice SnowpointBeam}} freezes it solid and it falls back into the Citypool. ZoeyFinally, beingthe fromtimer Snowpointreaches Cityzero, herselfand Dawn and Buneary win. Her friends also do well; Ash and {{AP|Buizel}} defeat a {{p|Kecleon}}, confirms[[Zoey's thisShellos]] asknocks shea heard{{p|Mareep}} theout samewith stories{{m|Mud whenBomb}} shewhile wasMay young.and {{TP|May|Skitty}} use {{m|Blizzard}} to clear the round.
The[[Jessie]], secondas roundJessilina, ofis on the [[Wallacesidelines, Cup]]upset beginsthat she did not make it to the nextsecond dayround. {{MTR}} and [[WallaceJames]] greetstry theto {{pkmn|Coordinator}}scheer Jessie up by suggesting they become reporters. DawnJessie findsreturns outwith thather shebold willJessadia bedisguise, ready to take the firstmedia toby battlestorm. ZoeyLater, Ash, Brock,Dawn and May{{TP|Dawn|Pachirisu}} wishadvance Dawnto goodthe lucksemi-finals onafter winning their next round, this time over a girl with her battle{{p|Pelipper}}.
DawnNow sendsit's outAsh's Bunearyturn to battle, thethis unnamedtime Trainer'swith {{psi|WailmerKyle}}. WailmerAsh shootssends out aBuizel, and Kyle sends out {{mp|BrineLanturn}},. whichDawn causesscans BunearyLanturn toon bounceher up[[Pokédex]], and downthe on,others causingare Dawnconcerned tobecause loseLanturn's points.part Buneary{{t|Electric}} thengives usesit the bouncing[[Type#Type toeffectiveness|advantage]] performover backward{{t|Water}} somersaultsPokémon onlike theBuizel. BrineLanturn starts things off with {{m|Charge}}, causingwith Wailmer'sthe powerful display causing TrainerAsh to lose points. BunearyBuizel thenlaunches usesa {{m|BounceSonic Boom}} continuouslyinto onthe Wailmerwater, andknocking itsLanturn Trainerhigh losesinto eventhe moreair, pointsalso including a point loss. ThenHowever, Wailmerthat usesgives Lanturn the added height to launch a direct {{m|SurfThunderbolt}} on Buizel, causingwho Dawnis left paralyzed. Kyle confidently declares he already knows all of Ash's strategies because Ash decided to loseuse pointsBuizel beforein Bunearyall spunthe Contest rounds. DuringLanturn thelaunches spin{{m|Ice Beam}}, Bunearycosting createdAsh apoints. spiralAsh ofcalls water,for andan Wailmer's{{m|Aqua TrainerJet}} loseswith evena morespin, points.and Thethe gangimprovised cheers"Ice DawnAqua onJet" strikes Lanturn. ThenBuizel Bunearygets useshit by {{m|DizzyHydro PunchPump}}, whichand hitsthen Wailmerreturns to the stage. ThenBuizel Wailmerthen uses {{m|HiddenWater PowerPulse}}, but fails due to counterLaturn’s Dizzycounter PunchThunderbolt. BunearyThe dodgescollision thecreates movea andshower, racescatching towardAsh Wailmerand asBuizel thein Hiddena Powershort followsbut herintense downpour. SheJust Bouncesthen offtime Wailmerruns out, and outKyle ofhas the waymost points, andeliminating HiddenAsh Powerfrom hitsthe WailmerWallace insteadCup. ThenAfterwards, WailmerJessadia intendsinterviews aAsh {{m|Bodyafter Slam}},his butloss. Buneary'sHer {{m|Iceenthusiasm Beam}}however, hitsleaves Wailmer,Ash whonervous becomesin frozenfront solidof the camera. FinallyDawn, theZoey timerand reachesMay 0:00,all andclear Dawnthe andnext Bunearybattle wins!rounds Dawnand receiveswill somebe outstandingjoining remarksKyle fromin the judgessemi-finals. TheMarian ganglater iscompliments proudJessadia's ofevent Dawn.coverage Theand nextsays fewthat scenesshe showheard thethat gang'sJessadia {{OBP|Pokémon|species}}was an attackingassistant reporter at the opponent's[[Kanto PokémonGrand Festival]].
[[Jessie]],Back asat Jessilinathe hotel, is on the sidelines,group depressedare sad that sheAsh did notdidn't make it to the secondsemi-finals. roundDawn reminds him that she is pleased to see her "Ice Aqua Jet" technique finally perfected. {{MTR}}Ash andadmits that [[JamesContest Battle]]s tryare totough, cheerbut Jessiehis up,Buizel butwas theymoving donin perfect sync and that he'td do so,better next howevertime. JessieAsh ispipes laterup cheeredagain, upand whenlooks sheforward hearsto thatcheering sheeveryone couldelse goon. backBrock toadmits beingthe disguisedcompetition asis astiff reporterwith May versus Zoey, orwhile herDawn Jessadiastill disguiseneeds to beat Kyle. JessieThe criesthree girls vow do the best and acceptshope for photo finish.
LaterThe following day, itMarian showsannounces Dawnthat andtoday is the final day of the Wallace Cup. In preparation for her semi-finals match, {{TP|Dawn|Pachirisu}} offers Piplup some encouragement before [[recall]]ing him and placing him into a girl[[Ball Capsule]]. Marian calls for the time to begin, so Dawn calls out Piplup with hera Foamy [[Seal]] and Kyle calls out his {{p|PelipperCrawdaunt}}. finishingPiplup theirtwirls battleinto action with a Bubble Beam, andwhile DawnCrawdaunt movesuses on{{m|Sludge Bomb}} to the semi-finalscounter.
Now it's Ash's turn to battle, this time with {{si|Kyle}}. Ash sends out {{AP|Buizel}}, and Kyle sends out {{p|Lanturn}}. Dawn scans Lanturn on her [[Pokédex]]. The gang is worried about Buizel, due to Lanturn being part {{t|Electric}}, which is [[Damage modification|strong]] against Water types like Buizel. Lanturn starts things off with {{m|Charge}}, but Ash loses points due to not sensing where Lanturn is. Meanwhile, the Coordinators are still worried about Buizel. Buizel launches a {{m|SonicBoom}} into the water, knocking Lanturn high into the air, also including a point loss. However, that gives Lanturn a chance to use {{m|Thunderbolt}} from the air. It drastically hits Buizel, making Ash lose a large amount of points. Buizel is now seen to have become paralyzed. Lanturn launches {{m|Ice Beam}}, and loses points. But Ash knows what to do and orders an {{m|Aqua Jet}} in order to make an "Ice Aqua Jet". Everyone is amazed at the improvised yet good-looking move, with Dawn the most surprised having tried teaching Buizel the technique herself before she traded him to Ash. The attack strikes Lanturn which makes Kyle lose lots of points! Meanwhile, in another town [[Paul]] who was watching the battle loses interest and walks off, remarking how pathetic he considers Ash. Buizel gets hit by {{m|Hydro Pump}} and then returns to the stage. Buizel then uses {{m|Water Pulse}}, but fails due to Thunderbolt. The collision creates a shower, catching Ash and Buizel in a short but intense downpour. Just then time runs out, and despite the Ice Aqua Jet Kyle still has more points, eliminating Ash from the competition. He and Buizel are left disappointed and soaking wet.
Jessadia interviews Ash after losing, and Ash responds with "Okay", and "Thanks, but I didn't make it up!". Like earlier, it shows the remaining main characters' Pokémon attacking their opponents' Pokémon. Then Jessadia announces that Zoey and May will move on to the final round. The board is shown with Kyle, Dawn, May, and Zoey, in that order. Marian later compliments Jessadia's announcement and says that she heard that Jessadia was an assistant reporter at the Kanto Grand Festival. She says "thank you" to Jessadia.
Back at the hotel, Ash and the others are sad that he didn't make it to the semi-finals. However, they made some compliments on their "Ice Aqua Jet". Ash says that [[Contest Battle]]s are tough, but his Buizel was moving in perfect sync and that he'd do better next time. Then Dawn thinks about how tomorrow's semi-final will turn out.
The final day starts with Dawn and Kyle battling. Will Dawn be able to beat Kyle?
==Major events==
[[File:Wallace Cup semifinalists.png|thumb|220px|The Wallace Cup semifinalists]]
* {{Ash}} encounters {{p|Azelf|a mysterious Pokémon}} near [[Lake Valor]].
* Ash and {{ashfr}} compare about their encounters with the {{an|lake guardians|the lake trio}}.
* {{an|May}}'s {{p|Bulbasaur}} is revealed to have [[Evolution|evolved]] into a {{TP|May|Venusaur}} during her travels in [[Johto]].
* {{AP|Buizel}} perfects the Ice Aqua Jet [[Contest combination|combination]].
* Ash loses in his second match ofin the [[Contest Battle|Battle Stage]] to {{si|Kyle}}.
* May, {{an|Dawn}}, [[Zoey]], and {{si|Kyle}} advance to the semifinals.
* [[Zoey]]
* [[Wallace]]
* {{si|Kyle}}
* [[Marian]]
* [[Raoul Contesta]]
* [[Mr. Sukizo]]
* {{si|RhondaKyle}}
* [[Sinnoh Now]] staff{{pkmn|Coordinator}}s
* [[Pokémon Coordinator]]s
* Wallace's fans
* Instead of [[FileProfessor Oak's Big Pokémon Encyclopedia]], the end of the episode featured a memorial to ''[[M04|Celebi:Foamy SealThe animeVoice of the Forest]]'' called [[Pikachu the Movie Memorial]].png This is part of a countdown to ''[[M11|thumb|200px|TheGiratina Foamyand Sealthe Sky Warrior]]''.
[[File:Heart* Seal anime.png{{so|thumb|200px|TheBattle HeartFrontier}} Sealis error]]used as background music.
* Instead of {{an|Professor Oak}}'s Pokémon lecture, the end of the episode featured a memorial to ''[[M04|Celebi: Voice of the Forest]]''. This is part of a countdown to ''[[M11|Giratina and the Sky Warrior]]''.
* [[Wallace]] and {{Ash}} narrate the preview for the [[DP079|next episode]].
* After Ash's encounter with {{pDL|Lake guardians (anime)|Azelf}}, {{an|May}} tells of a story she heard about a mysterious, [[legendaryLegendary Pokémon]], likely to be {{p|Uxie}}, during her pitstop at [[Snowpoint City]].
* Jessie's Jessadia persona was first used during the [[Kanto Grand Festival]].
* It is revealed that Zoey[[Snowpoint City]] is from [[SnowpointZoey]]'s City[[hometown]].
* NeitherBackground {{an|Dawn}},music {{an|May}},from the [[Zoey]]List orof [[Jessie]]original areseries seenepisodes#Johto inLeague regulararc|Johto outfitsLeague throughoutarc]] thisis episode,used butbefore AshDawn isand Kyle's seenbattle.
* ThisNeither episode{{an|Dawn}}, marks{{an|May}}, one[[Zoey]], ofor the[[Jessie]] extremelyare rareseen occasionsin thatregular aoutfits memberthroughout ofthis Teamepisode. RocketOnly refersAsh tochanges oneback ofinto thehis mainregular characters by name, but this was only to stay in-characteroutfit ashalfway Jessadiathrough.
* This episode marks one of the extremely rare occasions that a member of Team Rocket, Jessie in this case, refers to one of the main characters by name, in order to stay in-character as Jessadia.
* Team Rocket doesn't blast off or recite their {{motto}} in this episode.
* In Dawn's first match, Buneary's capsule[[Ball Capsule]] has a Foamy [[Seal]], but then it changes to a Heart Seal when it opens.
* When Zoey's Finneon emerges from {{m|Waterfall}}, its tail fins are seen upside down.
* May's belly button disappears multiple times.
* In the scene where Paul appears, a {{p|Sunflora}} has petals the same color as its body and a face the shade of yellow its petals should be.
DP078 Seal error.png|The Seal error
===Dub edits===
==In other languages==
|zh_cmn={{tt|激戰!各自的對戰!|Fierce Fighting! Respective Battle!}}
|cs={{tt|Soutěž mezi přáteli|Contest Amongst Friends}}
|it={{tt|La seconda prova!|The second test!}}
|no={{tt|Å vinne over gamle venner!|Defeating old friends!}}
|pl={{tt|Rywalizacja przyjaciół|Rivalry of Friendsfriends}}
|pt_br={{tt|Separando um Grupo de Amigos!|SeparantingSeparating a Group of Friends!}}
|pt_eu={{tt|O Grupo de Amigos Fica Reduzido!|The Group of Friends Is Reduced!}}
|es_la={{tt|¡Compitiedo entre Amigos!|Competing Among Friends!}}
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