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Nuzleaf (Super Mystery Dungeon)

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Nuzleaf takes the {{player}} in and acts as a parent hoping to break the barrier on [[Revelation Mountain]]. He rescues the player character from the attack of three Beheeyem, and then takes the player home to [[Serene Village]]. He serves as the father figure, but is later revealed to have been deceiving the player from the beginning. He later turns the player, partner, {{p|Archen}}, {{p|Raikou}}, {{p|Suicune}} and {{mdc|Krookodile|smd}} to stone, and ultimately leads them to unseal the spring at [[Revelation Mountain]]. However, it is revealed that he was controlled by [[Dark Matter]].
Nuzleaf, named as Mr. Nuzleaf by the player, serves as the father figure after rescuing the player character from the attack of three {{p|Beheeyem}}. He then takes the player home to [[Serene Village]], but is later revealed to have been deceiving the player from the beginning in order to achieve his plans. He is a secondary antagonist who is involved in turning Pokémon to stone, but is later revealed to have been controlled by [[Dark Matter]].
After Nuzleaf befriends the player, he has the player enrolled at the village school. After several days pass, he then leads the player and partner on an expedition to [[Revelation Mountain]], a sacred location guarded by the villagers, under the deception that it could provide insight into the player's amnesiac condition. However, they are forced to abandon the expedition due to the Pokémon patrolling the area.
Later, Nuzleaf hires {{mdc|Krookodile|smd}} to drop off letters around [[Lively Town]] plaza, warning that {{p|Entei}} would be the next target turned to stone. The [[Expedition Society]], suspecting Krookodile to be involved in these incidents, follow him to Serene Village where they meet Nuzleaf. Nuzleaf convinces them to follow Krookodile up Revelation Mountain, where he then convinces the player to open up the sealed spring. With the spring now open, Nuzleaf's demeanor changes, revealing himself to be the one responsible for the petrification incidents. Summoning {{p|Yveltal}} to his side, Nuzleaf turns the player's team, Krookodile, {{p|Raikou}} and {{p|Suicune}} into stone.
Nuzleaf then steals the Luminous Water, and goes on to petrify everyone else, including most of Serene Village and Lively Town's populations.
Once the player escapes from the [[Voidlands]], Nuzleaf concocts a plan to trap the player and the team at the [[Prehistoric Ruins]]. However, before he could petrify them again, {{mdc|Ampharos|smd}} appears with {{p|Jirachi}} and {{p|Celebi}}, the latter teleporting everyone away.
Finally, Nuzleaf, the Beheeyem and Yveltal attack the group at the [[Tree of Life]]. The player, after defeating them, is able to wrest their minds from Dark Matter's control. Nuzleaf, now repentant, escapes the Tree of Life at the player’s urging.
During the epilogue, Nuzleaf and the Beheeyem "kidnap" {{p|Mew}}, on claims that Mew must be sacrificed to prevent Dark Matter from ever coming back. This is however later revealed to be a plan made by Ampharos, {{p|Mawile}}, and {{p|Xatu}} as a test to prove the player's desire for the partner's return. After these events, Nuzleaf and the Beheeyem are accepted in Serene Village as villagers.