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Iki Town

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In the anime
In the {{pkmn|anime}}, Iki Town first appeared in ''[[SM009|To Top a Totem!]]'', in which {{Ash}} visited [[Hala]]'s house to talk to him about his upcoming [[Island challenge|trial]].
It appeared again in ''[[SM010|Trial and Tribulation!]]'', in which [[Officer Jenny]] drove Ash to Iki Town in her police truck. Later on, Ash battled and defeated Hala, with [[Professor Kukui]] refereeing the match. After Ash won, he was about to receive an {{DL|Z-Crystal|Fightium-Z}} from Hala, but at the last second, {{DL|Recurring wild Pokémon in the anime|Tapu Koko}} switched it with a {{DL|Z-Crystal|Electrium-Z}}, which Hala ended up giving Ash instead, as a reward for defeating him.