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Lucky Egg

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Using a Lucky Egg doubles the experience points earned by the player for the next 30 minutes. They can be purchased from the in-game shop with [[PokéCoin]]s from the start of the game. Some are also given for free when the player reaches certain level milestones.
==In the TCG==
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The '''Lucky Egg''' was introduced as a {{TCG|Pokémon Tool}} {{TCG|Trainer card}} in the [[Pokémon Trading Card Game]] during the English Platinum Series (the Japanese Platinum Era) in the {{TCG|Platinum: Arceus|Arceus}} expansion. It has never been reprinted.
If the Pokémon it is attached to is Knocked Out and put in the discard pile by damage from an opponent's attack, the player draws cards until they have 7 cards in their hand.
==In other languages==
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