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Reaper Cloth

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===Pokémon Conquest===
In [[Pokémon Conquest]], {{incompletep|needs=DetailsDusclops}} oncan howevolve into {{p|Dusknoir}} if it knocks out a [[Warrior]]'s Pokémon in a manner that allows recruitment while its own Warrior is used}}equipped with a Reaper Cloth.
In [[Pokémon Conquest]], Reaper Cloth allows {{p|Dusclops}} to evolve into {{p|Dusknoir}}.
Reaper Cloth can be purchased from the {{DL|Pokémon Conquest|traveling merchant}} for 5000 gold, and sold for 2500-3250 gold.
A Reaper Cloth appears as a [[held item]] on the {{TCG|Secret Wonders}} {{TCG ID|Secret Wonders|Duskull|86}} card. It allows Duskull to evolve on the turn it is played. This contrasts with other media, in which the Reaper Cloth allows {{p|Dusclops}} to evolve into {{p|Dusknoir}} rather than {{p|Duskull}} to evolve into Dusclops.
==In other languages==
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