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Water Stone

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| {{rt|19|Unova}}, [[Clay Tunnel]]
| [[Battle Subway]]/[[Pokémon World Tournament]] (3[[Battle Point|BP]]), [[Join Avenue]] ({{DL|Join Avenue|Antique Shop}}), [[White Forest]] (Store 2),<br>{{DL|Phenomenon|Dust cloud}}s ([[Chargestone Cave]], [[Mistralton Cave]], [[Clay Tunnel]], [[Twist Mountain]], [[Underground Ruins]], {{OBP|Victory Road|Black 2 and White 2}}, [[Wellspring Cave]], [[Seaside Cave]], [[Giant Chasm]]),<br>[[Hidden Grotto]]es ([[Route]]s {{rtn|2|Unova}}, {{rtn|3|Unova}}, {{rtn|5|Unova}}, {{rtn|6|Unova}}, {{rtn|7|Unova}}, {{rtn|9|Unova}}, {{rtn|13|Unova}}, {{rtn|18|Unova}}, {{rtn|22|Unova}}, {{rtn|23|Unova}}; [[Floccesy Ranch]]; [[Giant Chasm]]; [[Abundant Shrine]]; [[Lostlorn Forest]]; [[Pinwheel Forest]])<br>[[Pokémon Dream Radar]] (regular areas after catching {{p|Thundurus}})
| {{gameabbrevss|DW}}
| {{dwa|Rugged Mountain}}, {{dwa|Pokémon Café Forest}}
| {{gameabbrev6|XY}}
| {{gameabbrev6|ORAS}}
| {{rt|124|Hoenn}} (trade for [[Blue Shard]] with [[Treasure Hunter]]), [[Mauville City]] ({{DL|Mauville City|Inverse Battle Stop}}), {{DL|Super Training|Secret Super Training}} (The Water Stone Cup Begins!, The Battle for the Best!), {{rt|106|Hoenn}} (rematch with {{tc|Fisherman}} Elliot), [[Secret Base]] ("Pick up stones" with {{DL|Secret Base|Secret Pal}})
| {{gameabbrevss|PMC}}