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While traveling through [[Johto]], Ash and {{ashfr}} met Raiden in Rikishii Town. He was the current champion of the town's sumo competition, and was entering again to defend his title. Ash entered the competition as well with his {{AP|Snorlax}}.
Eventually, the two ended up facing each other in the final round of the tournament. Raiden was using his {{p|Feraligatr}}, who had helped him reach victory in the previous year's competition. However, the {{t|Water}} type was no match for Ash's Snorlax, who ended up defeating the champion, winning Ash a {{DL|Evolution-inducing held item|[[King's Rock}}]] and a large supply of food.
Although he lost, Raiden wasn't upset. He was happy to have faced Ash and congratulated him on his victory.