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'''Gold''' (Japanese: '''ゴールド''' ''Gold'') is a main character in the manga series [[Pokémon Adventures]].}}
'''Gold''' (Japanese: '''ゴールド''' ''Gold'') is a [[Pokédex holder|main character]] in the manga series [[Pokémon Adventures]].
Despite his negative traits, Gold is also noted for his moments of ingenuity, formulating plans and executing them spontaneously while appearing to slack off. Ultimately, Gold cares extremely for those around him and won't hesitate to sacrifice everything for their sake.
Gold's special skill, as described by {{adv|Professor Oak}}, is Pokémon hatching and is known as the "'''{{tc|Pokémon Breeder|Hatcher}}'''" ({{tt|孵す者|かえすもの}} ''Hatcher''), known as '''Breeder''' in [[Chuang Yi]]'s translations. He has the ability to draw out the largest potential of a baby Pokémon, having lived with Pokémon his whole life. [[Togebo]] and [[Pibu]] are testaments to that title.
During the first part of the third chapter, Gold is the main protagonist. He first meets [[Joey]] by helping him get a [[bag]] filled with Pokémon that was to go to Professor Elm, but was stolen by a Murkrow. Then Gold gets his bag stolen when he decides to help Joey by going to deliver the package to Professor Elm and then go to Professor Oak in Cherrygrove City (mainly because he wanted DJ Mary's autograph). On his way to [[Professor Elm]]'s lab, and arrives there just as {{adv|Silver}} is stealing {{TP|Silver|Totodile}}. Gold tries to battle Silver thinking that he is the one who stole his backpack with all of his family Pokémon in it, using Elm's {{p|Cyndaquil}}, which he names [[Exbo]], but Silver gets away after [[Team Rocket]], the real culprits behind his bag, knocked him out from behind in the middle of the battle. He is then asked to file a report against him by a police officer who almost arrested him for burning Professor Elm's field but he fakes it on purpose because he wanted to go after Silver himself.
Gold then runs into Professor Oak, and after learning about the [[Pokédex]] and how Silver stole one, he wants one to level the playing field. While Oak initially says no, Gold eventually wins him over with his love and trust for Pokémon earning him a Pokédex. When Gold reaches Violet City, he realizes that [[Polibo]] was missing from his bag and tried his best to find it, but couldn't. He then stops a robber with a herd of Donphan and learns that Silver had headed for [[Sprout Tower]] and rushes off there and defeats a whole mass of Sages and their Bellsprout to find Silver again and finish what he started. After asa long battle, he had the chance to take Totodile back to Professor Elm, but when he reaches out to it, it bites him and returns to Silver, showing that Totodile has actually grown attached to himSilver. Their battle had then released a giant iron ball and it chased them down until Exbo heated it up and Totodile used Ice Punch to suddenly cool it down and smash it upto pieces. After this, Silver manages to escape mysteriously once again.
He then met up with the same police officer he met when he needed to describe Silver but it turned out to be [[Falkner]] who was training to become the new Gym Leader of Violet City since his father went missing. With Gold's help, he caught a {{p|Skarmory}} and then they parted. Then he met [[Bugsy]] at the [[Ruins of Alph]] and, thinking that he was a girl, asked him out only to reveal he was a male. The two of them then enter the Ruins of Alph to help save Bugsy's lost companions but instead run into Team Rocket, who trapped them using a Spinarak's Spider Web. Gold, however, had Exbo use SmokeScreen to get the Unown that were awakened by them get caught in the web, and take out their anger on the members of Team Rocket. Gold then defeats a Granbull who had been stealing Pokémon from fisherman and when the Granbull gave back the Pokémon it turns out it took Gold's Polibo. Professor Oak's aide then comes to him with [[Togebo]]'s Egg and Professor Elm asks Gold to take it with him with hopes of it hatching.
While Gold was asleep one night after being kicked out of several arcades for cheating by using Aibo's Poké Ball disguised as a cue ball, his Egg gets stolen by a {{p|Gligar}}. He does not wake up to notice it but his Pokémon go after it to save the Egg. In the process the Egg hatches into a {{p|Togepi}}, [[Togebo]], who defeats the Gligar with ease even though it had just hatched. He only wakes up after Togebo defeats the Gligar with {{m|Metronome}} and it crashes right next to him. When Gold told Professor Elm he was at first ecstatic, only to become furious when he realized that Togebo became a natural at billiards, poker, and dice due to Gold's influence when it was an Egg.
Elm then had Gold take Togebo to the Day-Care Center where the old lady there convinced him to do their work by disguising it as a training for his Pokémon. It did pay off though when Exbo evolved into a {{p|Quilava}}. The Day-Care Couple then had Gold go fetch Jasmine, whose Pokémon were the parents of Togebo. Jasmine had been at [[Ecruteak City]] at the time an earthquake hit and was trapped inside the [[Bell Tower|Tin Tower]]. When he made it to her he found Silver carrying her and he thought he had hurt her, although Silver simply found her unconscious and decided to save her. Gold then was simply given Jasmine and Silver walked away. Gold was able to get Jasmine out right before the rubble collapsed by having [[Amphy]] run her to safety, but him and Silver were trapped. Mud started to press up against then and they only made it through when Polibo evolved into a {{p|Poliwhirl}} and further into a {{p|Politoed}} thanks to Silver's help and the {{DL|Evolution-inducing held item|[[King's Rock}}]] the Day-Care Couple gave to Gold before he departed. He then found out that Team Rocket was, once again, the cause of the earthquake.
After Gold and Silver defeat the Team Rocket Grunts, Gold wonders whether or not Silver has ever enjoyed a battle, and requests one against him, to which he accepts. The battle starts out and remains pretty even, even against Silver's newly evolved {{p|Kingdra}}, until Silver uses a Tyranitar borrowed from Lance, which is able to wreak havoc on Gold's whole team with its {{m|Sandstorm}} but is able to defeat it with Togebo, however Togebo gets squashed and Gold is defeated. Silver then departs for the [[Lake of Rage]] with Gold insisting on coming with him.
Gold and Silver realize that they share a common enemy and battle the Masked Man together at the [[Lake of Rage]], but they are defeated and sent crashing toward the now-frozen [[Lake of Rage]], and their fates are left unknown for a while.
It is later revealed the two boys are in [[Whirl Islands]], as rescued by Entei, where they are found by [[Lt. Surge]], and their missing valuables, including the Red Gyarados, are returned. They meet {{adv|Crystal}} after she nearly drowns in the wreckage and battle the rabid {{p|Lugia}} that starts attacking them, and they are all nearly defeated until his Quilava, [[Silver's Croconaw]], and Crystal's [[Megaree]] all evolve into their final forms. The tables nearly turned when Gold even disabled the giant bird's {{m|Aeroblast}} attack by placing his billiard cue inside its mouth to keep it from closing with the aid of his new Mantine and Remoraid getting him close enough, but Gold fails at catching it due to not having his billiard cue, and it is later discovered that someone managed to catch it before they did when the Poké Ball Crystal kicked turned out to be empty. Having failed to track it down with the Area function of the Pokédex, Gold and Crystal then head to the opening ceremony of the Pokémon League, where all 16 [[Gym Leader]]s of [[Kanto]] and [[Johto]] have gathered to battle each other, to try to determine which one of the Gym Leaders is the Masked Man. They battle [[Sham]] and [[Carl]] in the Control Room and end up winning with a powerful {{m|Giga Drain}}, but are locked in until Crystal's Parasect melts the door. The Masked Man then appears at the scene with both {{padv|Tower duo|Lugia}} and {{p|Ho-Oh}} and starts wreaking havoc before heading to the [[Ilex Forest shrine|shrine]] in [[Ilex Forest]], where the final battle then takes place.
Gold battles the Masked Man and finds out his real identity by smashing his mask after a clever combination that corners the villain, but to avoid defeat, the dastardly man threatens to crush [[Pika]] and [[Chuchu]]'s Egg if he attacks once more. Gold is horribly beaten by the nemesis, but his efforts of attempting to protect the Egg in his arms cause it to hatch into {{p|Pichu}}, which inherits his personality as a result. After being reassured of his ability as the Hatcher of the [[Pokédex holder]]s, he then follows the villain back in time with Silver and Crystal on the three legendary beasts, and eventually manages to escape after freeing Celebi. At the end of the {{chap|Gold, Silver & Crystal}}, Gold goes to train under {{adv|Red}} on [[Mt. Silver]].
[[File:Gold E chapter.png|thumb|left|120px|Gold during the sixth chapter]]
During the {{chap|Emerald}}, Gold, along with {{adv|Crystal}}, traveled to the {{OBPgdis|Battle Frontier|HoennIII}} in order to bring the petrified {{adv|Red}}, {{adv|Blue}}, {{adv|Green}}, {{adv|Yellow}}, and {{adv|Silver}} out of their stone state by wishing upon the phantom[[Mythical Pokémon]] {{padv|Jirachi}} and stop the armored man known as [[Guile Hideout]].
[[File:Gold Guile Hideout.png|thumb|200px|Disguised as Guile Hideout]]
When he first arrived, he disguised himself as [[Guile Hideout]], hoping to trick the real one's Pokémon into letting him get to Jirachi. This plan failed however and Gold was forced to use the ultimate {{type|Fire}} attack, {{m|Blast Burn}}, which Gold learned on [[Two Island]] thanks to the help of [[Ultima]]. This becomes the first attack the villain's reflective sword could not deflect. He also later adds that learning the technique, unlike his three predecessors and those to follow, took two whole months.
Now ready to take Jirachi back from Guile Hideout, Gold, Crystal, {{adv|Ruby}}, {{adv|Sapphire}}, and {{adv|Emerald}} prepare to face off their foe. This required Gold and Crystal to give the metal rings of Ultima to the starters of Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, and Silver (who was still petrified). When Gold spoke to Emerald, he made the younger boy rethink his relationship with Pokémon. This allowed Emerald to finally teach his {{TP|Emerald|Sceptile}} the powerful {{m|Frenzy Plant}}, and in turn free the petrified Pokédex holders with the help of Jirachi. Gold then combined forces with the other nine Pokédex holders in order to destroy the great sea demon that had manifested itself above the {{gdis|Battle Tower|III}}.
NowWith readythe tobeast takefinally Jirachi back from Guile Hideoutgone, Gold,the Crystal,five {{adv|Ruby}},petrified {{adv|Sapphire}},Pokédex andholders {{adv|Emerald}} prepareback to facelife offand theirArchie foe.seemingly This requireddead, Gold went and Crystalfought toin givea thetournament metal rings of Kimberlyin the ultimate[[Battle attacksDome]] toagainst the startersother ofPokédex Rubyholders, Sapphire,which Emeraldhe, andat Silver (who was still petrified). When Gold spoke tosome Emeraldpoint, he madelost (the youngeronly boyother rethinkTrainer histo relationshiphave withbeen Pokémon. This allowed Emeraldconfirmed to finallylose teach hisis {{TPadv|Emerald|Sceptile}} the powerful {{m|Frenzy PlantCrystal}}, andwho inlost turnagainst free the petrified Pokédex holders with the help of Jirachi. Gold then combined forces with the other nine Pokédex holdersGreen in order to destroy the greatfirst sea monster that had manifested itself above the Battle Towerround).
With the beast finally gone, the five petrified Pokédex holders back to life and Archie seemingly dead, Gold went and fought in a tournament in the Battle Dome against the other Pokédex holders, which he, at some point, lost (the only other Trainer to have been confirmed to lose is ==={{advchap|CrystalDiamond & Pearl}}, who lost against Green in the first round).===
In ''[[PS408|High-tailing It from Haunter]]'', Gold was briefly seen together with the other [[Pokédex holder]]s from [[Kanto]], [[Johto]], and [[Hoenn]] when the [[Advanced level Grunt]] was talking to {{adv|Diamond}} about the [[Pokédex]].
==={{chap|HeartGold & SoulSilver}}===
Petrel forces Silver to hand over the Plates to Archer, who proceeds to force Arceus to use its powers. Gold, Silver, and Crystal attempt to stop him, but are blocked by Ariana, Petrel, and Proton. Archer uses the Plates to force Arceus to activate its Ability, {{a|Multitype}}, so that it can use its various types to attack Gold, Silver, and Crystal. Archer praises the trio for helping them use Arceus for their goals when they were just trying to help Arceus.
Archer has Arceus use its power to create the three legendary Pokémon {{advDL|Creation trio (Adventures)|Dialga}}, {{advDL|Creation trio (Adventures)|Palkia}}, and {{advDL|Creation trio (Adventures)|Giratina}}. Silver attempts to distract the Four Generals by feigning suicide, allowing Gold and Crystal to attack while their guard is down. With the assistance of Silver's Feraligatr, Gold and Crystal destroy the legendary Pokémon before they fully form with the Ultimate Attacks. With the three Pokémon destroyed, Arceus retaliates against the Four Generals by blowing them away and absorbs the Plates into its body.
Although they believed themselves to have won the battle, the Pokémon Arceus created quickly reform themselves. Archer reveals that once the creation process begins, it cannot be stopped, and was only halted temporarily so that Arceus could complete itself. Although the situation seemed hopeless, Lance arrives with two allies, the former enemy Pryce, along with the leader of Team Rocket, {{adv|Giovanni}}. The three Trainers begin combating the Pokémon, and manage to hold them off for a little while. When Gold questions how Pryce returned, the man reveals that the one who saved him from the crack in time was Celebi, who could see the destruction that Arceus would bring with the legendary Pokémon it created.
Gold makes a cameo in Ultima's flashback after comparing his initial struggles in mastering Blast Burn to Sapphire and Emerald's quick mastery of Blast Burn and Frenzy Plant.
In ''[[PAORAS20|Omega Alpha Adventure 20]]'', Gold, along with Crystal and Silver, was called by Emerald to ask for assistance in destroying a giant [[Grand Meteor Delta|meteoroid]] threatening to destroy the world. During the call, Gold revealed that [[Norman]] was with them after he had been accidentally left behind in Johto.
|epname=Murkrow Row
|desc='''{{p|Ambipom|Aibo'''}} (Japanese: '''エーたろう''' ''Ētarō''), Gold's {{p|Ambipom}}, is one of the family Pokémon at Gold's home that he grew up with. Like his Trainer, Aibo is very mischievous. Aibo's tail allows him to hold items and use many tricks and tactics in battle. In the {{chap''[[PS448|HeartGoldPleased &as SoulSilver}}Punch With Parasect]]'', he evolves into an Ambipom after learning {{m|Double Hit}}. As of ''[[PS456|All About Arceus V]]'', he is at level 83 and, has a Naive [[nature]], and his [[Characteristic]] is "mischievous."}}
|epname=Murkrow Row
|desc='''{{p|Politoed|Polibo'''}} (Japanese: '''ニョたろう''' ''Nyotarō''), Gold's {{p|Politoed}}, is one of the family Pokémon at Gold's home that he grew up with, beginning as a {{p|Poliwag}}. When Team Rocket grunts stole Gold's backpack containing the Poké Balls with Polibo's, he was washed away by the stream and ended up with a wild {{p|Granbull}}. HeGold had hopes toof evolving it into a {{p|Poliwrath}} after seeing {{adv|Red}}'s [[Poli]], but instead evolved into a Politoed right after his evolution into {{p|Poliwhirl}} from being traded with a {{DL|Evolution-inducing held item|[[King's Rock}}]] to {{adv|Silver}} in ''[[PS109|Ampharos Amore]]''. As of ''[[PS456|All About Arceus V]]'', he is at level 80 and, has a Quiet nature, and his [[Characteristic]] is "capable of taking hits."}}
|epname=Murkrow Row
|desc='''{{p|Typhlosion|Exbo'''}} (Japanese: '''バクたろう''' ''Baktarō''), Gold's {{p|Typhlosion}}, was the Pokémon Gold had received from Professor Elm and evolved twice throughout his journey, first in ''[[PS108|Quilava Quandary]]'' and again in ''[[PS148|Lively Lugia III]]''. He gave Gold the upper hand while fighting the Masked Man at the end of the {{chap|Gold, Silver, & Crystal}} with the help of Sunbo's {{m|Sunny Day}}. As of ''[[PS456|All About Arceus V]]'', he is at level 84 and, has an Impish nature, and his [[Characteristic]] is "a little quick tempered."}}
|epname=Sunkern Treasure
|desc='''{{p|Sunflora|Sunbo'''}} (Japanese: '''キマたろう''' ''Kimatarō''), Gold's {{p|Sunflora}}, was caught as a {{p|Sunkern}} in ''[[PS099|Sunkern Treasure]]'' to launch Exbo's Poké Ball high into the air to defeat a raging {{p|Skarmory}}, using its amazing jumping ability. Sunbo had also been the last one to touch Gold's Egg and is the apparent reason for [[Togebo]] hatching from it. She sometimes assists Exbo by using her {{m|Sunny Day}} to power up Exbo's {{type|Fire}} attacks, most notably after evolving into Sunflora in ''[[PS173|The Last Battle VI]]'', during the battle against the Masked Man. As of ''[[PS456|All About Arceus V]]'', she is at level 75 and, has a Serious [[nature]], and her [[Characteristic]] is "very finicky."
Sunbo's known moves are {{m|Flash}}, {{m|Growth}}, {{m|Mega Drain}}{{tt|*|mentioned only}}, {{m|Sunny Day}}, {{m|Giga Drain}}, and {{m|Solar Beam}}{{tt|*|mentioned and used off-panel}}, and her Ability is {{a|Chlorophyll}}.}}
|epname=Smeargle Smudge
|desc='''{{p|Sudowoodo|Sudobo'''}} (Japanese: '''ウーたろう''' ''Ūtarō''), Gold's {{p|Sudowoodo}}, was captured while on a race around [[Goldenrod City]] with [[Whitney]], the local [[Gym Leader]]. The two competitors soon reached an enormous tree that neither of the Trainers' Pokémon could move. Suddenly, a large {{p|Rhydon}} bursts out and Whitney tries to stop it, getting herself carried away by it. The strange tree reacted to [[Polibo]]'s {{m|Water Gun}} attack and shrinks in size. Gold then finds out that Sudowoodo was hiding from Rhydon and they go after it, defeating it and saving Whitney. Afterward, he decides to join Gold's team. As of ''[[PS456|All About Arceus V]]'', he is at level 78 and, has a Jolly nature, and his [[Characteristic]] is "nods off a lot."
Sudobo's known moves are {{m|Mimic}}, {{m|Low Kick}}, {{m|Dynamic Punch}}, {{m|Mud-Slap}}, {{m|Flail}}, and {{m|Rock Tomb}}{{tt|*|mentioned and used off-panel}}, and his Ability is {{a|Sturdy}}.<br>
|epname=Gligar Glide
|desc=In{{p|Togekiss|Togebo}} (Japanese: ''[[PS101|Teddiursa's Picnic]]トゲたろう''', Gold was tasked with looking after an Egg (which he nicknamed '''Eggy'Togetarō'') that was thecreated offspringfrom ofan [[Egg]] created by [[Jasmine]]'s two {{p|Togetic}}. [[ProfessorDue Elm]] wantedto Gold's tospecial lookability, afterTogebo it.inherited Soonparts afterof Gold's personality, itincluding hatchedhis intolove of gambling. During a battle against {{padv|TogepiArceus}}, christened '''Togebo''' (Japanese:evolved '''トゲたろう'''into ''Togetarō'').a TogeboTogetic isand onethen ofinto Gold'sa strongestTogekiss Pokémonwith becausea ofShiny hisStone violentreceived tendencies,from and he picked up aLance. lotAs of Gold's'[[PS456|All gamblingAbout habitsArceus whileV]]'', inhe hisis Eggat aslevel well81, (tohas Elm'sa displeasure).Naughty Togepinature, wasand onlyhis newborn[[Characteristic]] whenis he"hates defeatedto an adult {{p|Tyranitarlose."}} (getting badly squashed in the process).
In the {{chap|HeartGold & SoulSilver}}, it was revealed that Gold never really believed in Togebo's strength, which he showed by holding him back in battles. By doing so, he prevented Togebo from evolving. Once Gold started to trust him, Togebo evolved into a {{p|Togetic}} and then into a {{p|Togekiss}} with a Shiny Stone he got from Lance. As of ''[[PS456|All About Arceus V]]'', he is at level 81 and has a Naughty nature.}}
|epname=The Last Battle XII
|desc=Gold's {{p|Pichu}} (Japanese: '''ピチュ''' ''Pich'') was hatched from an Egg laid by [[Pika]] and [[Chuchu]]. Together, they defeated [[Pryce]] with {{m|Volt Tackle|Super Rising Thunder}} and put an end to his schemes. He has a Naughty nature.}}
===In Box===
|epname=Lively Lugia II
|desc='''{{p|Mantine|Tibo'''}} (Japanese: '''マンたろう''' ''Mantarō''), Gold's {{p|Mantine}}, wasis a Pokémon Gold encountered at the Whirl Islands when Lugia was rampaging. When supported with the Remoraid, Tibo can glide across the air, allowing Gold to travel aerially. As of ''[[PS180|The Last Battle XIV]]'', he is level 28 and has a Calm [[nature]].
None of Tibo's moves are known and his Ability is {{a|Water Absorb}}.}}
|img=Silver KingdraSeadra.png
|cap=Gold's Seadra
|img2=Silver Kingdra.png
|cap2=Gold's Kingdra
|epname=Zap! Zap! Zapdos!
|epname=Number One Donphan
|desc=These {{p|Chinchou}} were caught by Gold whilst looking for [[Polibo]]'s missing [[{{i|Poké Ball]]}} simply to avoid being electrocuted and were quickly released afterward.
None of Chinchou's moves are known.}}
===At home===
These are Pokémon Gold has grown up with in his home. He doesn't use any of them to battle except for [[PoliboAibo]] and [[AiboPolibo]], which are on his current team.
{| style="float:left; width: 75%"
===Medals obtained===
This listing is of the [[Pokéathlon#Courses|Pokéathlon Medals]] Gold has obtained:
* Skill Medal - Won by Aibo, ExboPolibo, and PoliboExbo (''[[PS442|Out-Odding Oddish]]'')
* Jump Medal - Won by SudoboSunbo, SunboSudobo, and Togebo (''[[PS442|Out-Odding Oddish]]'')
* Stamina Medal - Won by ExboAibo, AiboPolibo, and PoliboExbo (''[[PS442|Out-Odding Oddish]]'')
* Speed Medal - Won by SudoboSunbo, SunboSudobo, and Togebo (''[[PS442|Out-Odding Oddish]]'')
* Power Medal - Won by Aibo, ExboPolibo, and PoliboExbo (''[[PS443|Attaway, Aipom!]]'')
* Gold wasis the5'6" only(168 charactercm) introducedtall withoutand aweighs major114 goallbs that(52 he desired to achievekg).
|From ''{{game3|Gold and Silver|Pokémon Gold|s}}''
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|English, German, Brazilian<br>Portuguese, Vietnamese
|From ''Pokémon Gold''
|From ''Pokémon Version Or'' (Pokémon Gold)
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|From ''Pokémon Versione Oro'' (Pokémon Gold)
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|โกลด์ ''Gold''
|Transliteration of his Japanese name
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! Language
! Name
! Origin
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|rowspan=2 | English
|Nanyanen{{tt|*|VIZ Media}}
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|Awful{{tt|*|Chuang Yi}}
|From ''awful''
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|Brazilian Portuguese
|Probably from ''ovo'' (egg)
|vi=Người ấp trứng
|From ''{{tt|Tournegrin|Sunkern}}''
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|From ''{{tt|Sonn|Sonnflora}}''
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|From ''Sunkern''.
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|해돌이 ''Haedor-i''
|From {{tt|해~ ''Hae-''|common prefix among Sunflora's evolution line}} and  {{tt|~돌이 ''-dor-i''|common suffix among the nicknames of Gold's Pokémon}}
|- style="background:#FFF"
|rowspan=2 |Chinese ({{tt|Mandarin|Taiwan and Mainland China}})
|向日太郎 ''Heungyahttaailòhng''
|From {{tt|向日~ ''Heungyaht-''|common prefix among Sunflora's evolution line}} and {{tt|~太郎 ''-taailòhng''|common suffix among the nicknames of Gold's Pokémon}}
|- style="background:#FFF"
|Brazilian Portuguese
|From ''Sunkern'' and {{tt|''-plom''|common suffix among the nicknames of Gold's Pokémon}}
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|From ''{{tt|Simularbre|Sudowoodo}}''
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|From ''{{tt|Mogelbaum|Sudowoodo}}''
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|From ''Sudowoodo''.
|- style="background:#FFF"
|鬍太郎 ''Wùhtaailòhng''
|From {{tt|鬍說樹 ''Wùhseuisyuh''|Sudowoodo}} and {{tt|~太郎 ''-taailòhng''|common suffix among the nicknames of Gold's Pokémon}}
|- style="background:#FFF"
|Brazilian Portuguese
|From ''Sudowoodo'' and {{tt|''-plom''|common suffix among the nicknames of Gold's Pokémon}}
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|Mantaro{{tt|*|Chuang Yi}}
|From ''Mantine'' and {{tt|''-taro''|common suffix among the nicknames of Gold's Pokémon}}
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|From ''Mantine''.
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