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{{chap|Gold, Silver & Crystal}}
In ''[[PS040|A Charizard...and a Champion]]'', Red used Snor against [[Blue's Charizard]] in the [[Indigo Plateau]] [[Pokémon League]] finals, though {{adv|Blue}} immediately switched out for {{TP|Blue|Machamp}}. Through its four arms, Machamp easily blocked all of Snor's limbs and prevented him from attacking. The Superpower Pokémon then effortlessly lifted the Sleeping Pokémon with its four arms, spinning him about with {{m|Submission}} before {{m|slam}}ming him onto the floor, which cracked under Snor's weight. After Snor hit the ground, Red secretly had him use Harden in anticipation of Machamp's {{m|Karate Chop}}. However, Blue saw through Red's trick, and had his Machamp attack the ground instead, using a piece of shattered debris as a lever to catapult Snor into the air and out of the battlefield. Just as Snor was about to be disqualified for going out of bounds, he plummeted down from mid-air and crushed Machamp with a combination of Double-Edge and Toxic. Realizing Snor had taken heavy damage, Red then [[recall]]ed him.
In ''[[PS068|Jigglypuff Jive]]'', Snor was used alongside the rest of Red's team to fight against the [[Elite Four]]. Despite his best efforts though he was quickly defeated.
==={{chap|Gold, Silver & Crystal}}===