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Changes from the Game Boy release in the Virtual Console release
The moves {{m|Blizzard}}, {{m|Bubble Beam|BubbleBeam}}, {{m|Confusion}}, {{m|Dream Eater}}, {{m|Explosion}}, {{m|Guillotine}}, {{m|Hyper Beam}}, {{m|Mega Kick}}, {{m|Mega Punch}}, {{m|Psychic}}, {{m|Reflect}}, {{m|Rock Slide}}, {{m|Self-Destruct|Selfdestruct}}, {{m|Spore}}, and {{m|Thunderbolt}} had their animations changed slightly to tone down the flashing.
In the Western language releases, which are emulated in [[Game Boy Color]] mode, {{p|Jynx}}'s sprite has been replaced to match its current design, as the original had previously fell under controversy for its resemblance to blackface (a racially insensitive type of costume where an individual paints their face black, often with brightly colored accessory features like cheeks or lips, to caricature the appearance of an African-American). Curiously, the Japanese version (which emulates the game in Game Boy mode, which is monochromatic) does not reflect this, despite reissues of ''[[Pokémon Adventures]]'' recoloring Jynx's skin gray. Additionally, Jynx's altered sprite is technically impossible for a Game Boy Color game. The console can only display up to four colors per sprite, whereas Jynx's contains five (while characters and objects can incorporate more colors by layering multiple sprites over each other, all Pokémon in-game consist of a single sprite each).
The requirement for the [[Pikachu's Beach]] minigame is now {{ga|Red's Pikachu|the starter Pikachu}} instead of {{DL|Pikachu variants|Surfing Pikachu}}.